Is Your Data At Risk? Here’s How To Protect Your Information Online

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  If you’ve opened up your inbox only to spot yet another email from a company saying they’ve been affected by a data breach, you know how at-risk your information is in today’s digital world. Cybersecurity is quickly growing as one of the top technology concerns of businesses these days, as private information is being […]

How Cybersecurity Is Creating Opportunities For Young People

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Data-centric and computer-centric job positions have seen an exponential rise over the past few years. Because of this, we’re quickly seeing these kinds of positions becoming some of the most in-demand job positions in the UK. Though engineering and healthcare are still some of the most in-demand positions, cybersecurity positions are vastly more in-demand, with […]

How to Improve Blockchain Security

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In 2014, Mt. Gox, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges (managing approximately 70% of all transactions in Bitcoin) had been the victim of successful hacking attempts for a period of three years, and Mt. Gox’s customers lost 750,000 Bitcoins. Bitcoin lost over a third of its value when the full extent of the fraud was revealed.  […]

Heres’s Why Network Discovery Tools Are So Important In 2019

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It has been 12 years since Princeton researchers Mark Newman and Albert-László Barabási wrote about the changes of modern computing networks. Their book “The Structure and Dynamics of Networks” focused on the significant changes that corporate intranets faced. Things have changed even more in recent years, as modern networks have become much more dynamic. The […]

Various steps involved in Implementing a Cyber Kill Chain

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We are living in a world where everything is networked together, from online transactions to government infrastructure, and therefore, network protection will no longer be an optional extra. Today, cyber-attack has become an international issue, as high-profile infringements have caused many problems that hacks and various security attacks could harm the global economy.   A […]

The New Mob is on the Internet

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According to the Secureworks State of Cybercrime Report 2018, the bulk of cybercrime-related damage around the globe is perpetrated by a small group of well-organized, dangerous, and covert criminal groups. What’s worse, the report shows that the boundary between a nation-state and cybercriminal actors is becoming increasingly blurred as the former learns about the tools […]

Machine Learning Is Moving Corporate VPN Security Into The 21st Century

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Machine learning has played a crucial role in digital security. According to experts on digital security, machine learning is playing a vital role in the creation of new VPN solutions and corporate VPN security. The Journal of Cyber Security Technology published a study in 2017 titled “Comparison of machine-learning algorithms for classification of VPN network […]