7 Jobs Humans Can Do Better Than Robots And AI

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The rise of artificial intelligence or AI in the past decades has resulted in collective anxiety around the world. The common apprehension is that there will be massive loss of jobs as robots and computers eventually replace employees. The fear is not without some basis; after all, robots and computers have proven to be far […]

Why Law Firms Hire Virtual Paralegals?

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Every growing business requires additional staff to streamline their specific tasks and maintain efficiency internally. However, hiring an in-house team eventually adds to the overhead cost of the company even businesses require help for a certain period.  But today, in the technological world, virtual assistants are becoming paramount in numerous industries and the legal sector […]

Data Science And Robotics: The Next Big Area Of Study?

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Data science is an important and valuable skill. Engineers are creating remarkable innovations every day, and with the relatively recent evolution of robotics, the data science field is bursting with opportunities. Data science and robotics are important fields to keep top of mind. Robots are growing increasingly intelligent and complex, but they have quite a […]

Robots in the Workplace: Pros and Cons

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The use of automation to benefit business is nothing new. I always think back to the conveyor belt model thought up by Henry T. Ford when the first mass-produced car was introduced, the Model T. Ford. The idea was straightforward enough and made production infinitely easier; a car would be put together piece by piece […]

Why Robots Will Require Governments and Organisations to Adapt

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This week, the World Economic Forum (WEF) released a report stating that in the coming years, robots and AI will replace 75 million jobs globally. At first, this is due to four specific technological advances—ubiquitous high-speed mobile internet; artificial intelligence; widespread adoption of big data analytics; and cloud technology. By 2022, thanks to smart algorithms and […]

5 Ways Robots are Revolutionizing Jobs

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Are Americans safe from the coming robot workforce? Every day, robotic engineers are working on new, innovative designs to make the workplace safer and more efficient. Despite this benefit, many people are wondering whether they’ll lose their jobs to machines and what impact robots will have on their lives. Although, they have no emotional capacity […]