Integrating Data-Driven Network Marketing And Social Media In 2019

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Big data is playing a more important role in the network marketing profession than ever. As we kick off 2019 with a bang, we are going to see a number of changes in the ways network marketers leverage big data. One of the biggest is in the implementation of social media marketing funnels. Social media […]

10 Effective Big Data Strategies For Marketing Online

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Big data has changed the nature of business in ways marketers of the 1980s would never have understood. Big data is especially important online. What and the 10 most useful strategies for using big data to market your business online? That’s a question every businessperson ought to ask himself or herself. If you do your […]

Here’s How To Use Big Data To Optimize WordPress Performance

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Big data is changing the nature of website management. According to a report from APM, it is one of the biggest changes that is going to affect WordPress managers this year. Big data plays an important role in managing expectations and measuring goal performance. According to a study from Wharton, 72% of businesses fail to […]

Evolution Of Machine Learning In Digital Ads

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My uncle used to be a marketer in the 1970s. He recently pointed out that the effectiveness of marketing has improved significantly since then. Big data and the evolution of machine learning are some of the major reasons for the shift. According to research from McKinsey, advertisers that take advantage of big data can increase […]

This Scary Good Marketing Data Proves That Halloween Is A Winner

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Halloween is an excellent holiday that happens to be nestled right before, well, the official holiday season. It’s also tons of fun for everyone, a time when you can cater to whacky and spooky costumes, lots of candy and some truly wild decorations. But what makes Halloween really great is that marketers and businesses can […]