How APIs Can Transform The Martech Landscape

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Technology has always had a critical mission to build, maintain, and deploy the connection between businesses and consumers. With marketing teams allocating ever-growing budgets to software solutions (according to the recent Walker Sands report, 65% of marketing organizations plan to increase their technology spend), the role of technology in marketing is today more important than […]

Leveraging Existing Data To Penetrate Saturated Markets

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Ever since big data become a buzz term companies have leveraged data they’ve collected to improve market penetration. This strategy has worked for the better part of the last ten years or so. Unfortunately, traditional online and social marketing platforms have gotten so saturated that it’s nearly impossible to penetrate certain demographics at this point. […]

How Artificial Intelligence Makes Today’s Email Marketing Smarter

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When it comes to new technologies in email marketing, everyone’s attention is caught by artificial intelligence (AI). The talks about marketing teams replaced by robots in the near future make people feel a mixture of jitters and excitement. The majority of email marketers can only guess what are the potential implications of AI on their […]

Machine Learning Is Driving The New Digital Marketing Renaissance

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Data is the number one reason why digital marketers have a huge advantage over those that traditional marketing channels. I have noticed one common theme among them. They have constantly found that intuition doesn’t bode with reality. They may think that a strategy that they took would work very well, but then discover that their […]

4 Data-Backed Strategies To Drive More Traffic To Your eCommerce Site

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Driving more customers to your online business has been (and always will be) a top priority for ecommerce companies. Just a simple Google search will bring up thousands of tips to increase the number of visitors to your website and boost your ranking with SEO secrets. But if there are thousands of ways to do […]

Using Data to Drive Marketing Automation Success

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When you study the shifts, evolutions, and trends in marketing over the past five years, it’s obvious that the trajectory is firmly pointed towards automation, personalization, and efficiency. Almost any new marketing technology, platform or product, emphasizes one or more of these focal points. And if you study it even more closely, you’ll also notice […]

Big Data Helps You Use LinkedIn Sponsored Content Competitively

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The team at Smart Data Collective has spoken to numerous marketing experts about the role of big data in their profession. It is one of the fields that depends on data more than any other. However, many experts focus so heavily on the big picture that other specific elements don’t get as much discussion. We […]

The Low-Down On Using Data Science And Statistics In Advertising

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The use of data science and statistics in advertising has grown substantially in recent years, especially as innovations in the field of big data analytics make it easier than ever before to collect and use data on a large scale. Despite the increasing digitization of the field of advertising, however, many professionals don’t know where […]