Simple Steps to Distributed Deep Learning: On-Demand Webinar and FAQ Now Available!

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Try this notebook in Databricks On February 12th, we hosted a live webinar—Simple Steps to Distributed Deep Learning on Databricks—with Yifan Cao, Senior Product Manager, Machine Learning and Bago Amirbekian, Machine Learning Software engineer at Databricks. In this webinar, we covered some of the latest innovations brought into the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform for Machine […]

Machine Learning Makes VPNs Excellent Options For Cybersecurity

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Machine learning is having a substantial impact on the future of security. One of the biggest examples is with modern VPNs. Taylor Francis Online recently published a report titled “Comparison of machine-learning algorithms for classification of VPN network traffic flow using time-related features.” This report shows that VPNs use a number of machine learning technology, […]

Simplifying Genomics Pipelines at Scale with Databricks Delta

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Try this notebook in Databricks This blog is the first blog in our “Genomics Analysis at Scale” series. In this series, we will demonstrate how the Databricks UAP4Genomics enables customers to analyze population-scale genomic data. Starting from the output of our genomics pipeline, this series will provide a tutorial on using Databricks to run sample […]

Managed MLflow on Databricks now in public preview

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Try this tutorial in Databricks Building production machine learning applications is challenging because there is no standard way to record experiments, ensure reproducible runs, and manage and deploy models. To address these challenges, last June we introduced MLflow, an open source platform to manage the ML lifecycle that works with any machine learning library and […]

What To Know About AI In Healthcare And How To Help Users Trust It

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a generic phrase used to describe computer systems that can analyze their environment. These systems can learn and act in reaction to what they are recognizing. It is predicted that 20% of healthcare organizations will experience 15-20% productivity gains by 2021 through the use of AI technologies. Machine intelligence has a […]

30 Top Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Companies

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Artificial intelligence has become an essential part of our everyday lives. It is used in financial processes, medical examinations, logistics, publishing, and in a wide range of other fast-rising industries. According to The AI Index 2018 Annual Report by Stanford University, active AI startups in the US increased 2.1x from 2015 to 2018, while venture […]

How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Healthcare Sector in 2019

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The introduction of so many smart digital technologies like home monitoring devices, wearable sensors, robotic implants, and mobile apps in the healthcare industry have not only improved the effectiveness of care for patients but have also decreased readmission rates and improved the overall quality of life for people all over the world. One of the […]

Near-Real-Time Hardware Failure Rate Estimation with Bayesian Reasoning

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Try this notebook in Databricks You might be using Bayesian techniques in your data science without knowing it! And if you’re not, then it could enhance the power of your analysis. This blog follows the introduction to Bayesian reasoning on Data Science Central, and will demonstrate how these ideas can improve a real-world use case: […]

Traditional Vs Machine Learning For Software Development

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Most of the practitioners agree upon the neural nets proceeds while representing a shift in coding as currently, the industry has first interest in artificial intelligence which is entirely focused on data-driven AI. Is machine learning helpful to speed up traditional software development? We all know how AI is becoming a key aspect of modern […]