Using AutoML Toolkit to Automate Loan Default Predictions

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Download the following notebooks and try the AutoML Toolkit today: Evaluating Risk for Loan Approvals using XGBoost (0.90) | Using AutoML Toolkit to Simplify Loan Risk Analysis XGBoost Model Optimization In a previous blog and notebook, Loan Risk Analysis with XGBoost, we explored the different stages of how to build a Machine Learning model to improve […]

Detecting Financial Fraud at Scale with Decision Trees and MLflow on  Databricks

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Try this notebook in Databricks Detecting fraudulent patterns at scale is a challenge, no matter the use case. The massive amounts of data to sift through, the complexity of the constantly evolving techniques, and the very small number of actual examples of fraudulent behavior are comparable to finding a needle in a haystack while not […]

Processing Petabytes of Data in Seconds with Databricks Delta

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Introduction Databricks Delta is a unified data management system that brings data reliability and fast analytics to cloud data lakes. In this blog post, we take a peek under the hood to examine what makes Databricks Delta capable of sifting through petabytes of data within seconds. In particular, we discuss Data Skipping and ZORDER Clustering. […]