The 10 Best Business Intelligence Tools For Small And Big Business

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Big or small, every business needs good tools to analyze data and develop the most suitable business strategy based on the information they get. Business intelligence tools are means that help companies get insights from their data and get a better understanding of what directions and trends to follow. Regardless of the scale of your […]

AI And Augmented Reality Merge For New Business Solutions

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Big data continues to shape the corporate universe in unexpected ways, especially when AI and augmented reality come into play. A few years ago, most experts believed that big data would only be used to handle a few functions: Using new data models to enhance marketing Improving supply-chain logistics by collecting data on various points […]

3 Ways Big Data Improves Leadership Within Companies

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The role of today’s business leaders is changing. They no longer focus solely on motivation and empowerment, but also on the analytical and social/ human skills needed to drive organizations toward corporate objectives. Today’s industry leaders must adjust quickly to changes in privacy laws and other regulations that require revisions to policies and procedures. Big […]

Call Center Analytics Move The Industry Into The 21st Century

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Over the past few years, a lot of discussion has been centered on big data and predictive analytics in digital marketing. Conventional marketing departments have been slower to embrace this new technology, but they have also recently seen that it provides numerous benefits. Call centers in particular have started exploring new avenues to use artificial […]