7 Jobs Humans Can Do Better Than Robots And AI

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The rise of artificial intelligence or AI in the past decades has resulted in collective anxiety around the world. The common apprehension is that there will be massive loss of jobs as robots and computers eventually replace employees. The fear is not without some basis; after all, robots and computers have proven to be far […]

Analytical and Problem-Solving Skill Set Necessary to Start Working with Big Data

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A data analyst is a professional whose work involves collecting, cleaning, visualizing, and transforming or modeling raw data into the blocks of information that are used by marketers, developers and even accountants. The workflow of a data analyst is defined by the needs of a company or organization, but the final deliverable is always the […]

Can Big Data Help Create Resumes That Will Get You Hired?

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Tim Adams wrote a very interesting article about big data and job searching a few years ago. He said that looking for a job is all about big data, not well you perform in an interview. He pointed out that companies are using big data to get better insights on the types of candidates they […]

How Cybersecurity Is Creating Opportunities For Young People

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Data-centric and computer-centric job positions have seen an exponential rise over the past few years. Because of this, we’re quickly seeing these kinds of positions becoming some of the most in-demand job positions in the UK. Though engineering and healthcare are still some of the most in-demand positions, cybersecurity positions are vastly more in-demand, with […]

Why Tech Pros Are Turning To Machine Learning For Career Growth

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While the topic of machine learning has been floating around for quite a while, modern technology has transformed it from a couple of buzzwords that most people didn’t understand into the force that’s behind many of the modern technological comforts that we now take for granted. As an industry, machine learning is one that’s experiencing […]

Here Are The Top 4 Data Analytics Jobs To Look Out For

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What is the job of a data engineer? How is it different from the job of a data analyst? What does a data scientist do? Confused? Let us put all the different aspect of data analytics jobs into different buckets and make it all easier for you. If you are looking to migrate to data analytics […]

3 Ways Big Data Improves Leadership Within Companies

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The role of today’s business leaders is changing. They no longer focus solely on motivation and empowerment, but also on the analytical and social/ human skills needed to drive organizations toward corporate objectives. Today’s industry leaders must adjust quickly to changes in privacy laws and other regulations that require revisions to policies and procedures. Big […]

What Developers Who Want To Get A VR Job Look For In Employers

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The career path of a virtual reality (VR) developer offers exciting possibilities. And the people with the skills for the job, and who hope to get a VR job themselves, know they’ll be in demand for the foreseeable future. VR has finally hit the mainstream after previously being labeled as a niche technology. The rise […]

6 Essential Skills Every Big Data Architect Needs

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Big Data that is both structured and non-structured. While it presents many opportunities for organizations of all sizes, handling it is quite difficult and requires a specific set of skill sets. Big data is handled by a big data architect, which is a very specialized position. A big data architect is required to solve problems […]

The State of the Labor Market

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Since the early days of the big data boom, there’s been a serious supply shortage of credentialed professionals to fill the many newly-created big data jobs around the globe. As with any new field of study, there simply weren’t enough educational programs dedicated to the subject to produce a sufficient volume of skilled job candidates. […]