7 Ways Smart Data Can Reduce Business Costs

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Smart items make up the majority of modern life. We have smartphones, smart speakers, smart cars and an entire Internet of Things (IoT) filled with devices meant to make our lives easier and more intuitive. Even the data businesses use has the option to become smart when business intelligence practices come into play. Instead of […]

Important Rotary Joint Selection Strategies In The IoT Era

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Big data is changing the nature of mechanical systems in every way imagineable. This means that you need to consider the implications of big data when choosing mechanical components for various systems. Rotary joints are a prime example. How Rotary Joints Impact the Trasnmission of Data A rotary joint is a device utilized to transfer […]

What Impact Can IoT Have on Sustainability?

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Sustainability is something more people and companies are striving for these days. They know the long-term health of our planet involves living and operating responsibly now and thinking about how today’s actions impact future generations. Fortunately, technology can help people meet their sustainability goals. Specifically, the Internet of Things (IoT) has fantastic potential. It Can […]