Democratizing Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform and Jenkins

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This blog post is part of our series of internal engineering blogs on the Databricks platform, infrastructure management, integration, tooling, monitoring, and provisioning. This summer at Databricks I designed and implemented a service for coordinating and deploying cloud provider infrastructure resources that significantly improved the velocity of operations on our self-managed cloud platform. The service […]

Optimizing Water Utilities Before Water Crisis Sets In

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Big data is being utilized as an analytical, safer way to make sense out of the water industry. Hotter weather and droughts are causing many regions in the world to rethink the way that water is collected and used. India’s Ganges recently ran out of water, and the impact will be substantial, especially on food […]

Here’s How Big Data Can Help Protect Infrastructure

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Critical infrastructure (CI) is a term used by large businesses (and other organizations, like government agencies) that refers to the most important components within a given software architecture. Importance is usually defined by the needs of stakeholders – often this is a business’ customers. But it might also be finance or marketing departments who need […]

Introducing Click: The Command Line Interactive Controller for Kubernetes

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Click is an open-source tool that lets you quickly and easily run commands against Kubernetes resources, without copy/pasting all the time, and that easily integrates into your existing command line workflows. At Databricks we use Kubernetes, a lot. We deploy our services (of which there are many) in unique namespaces, across multiple clouds, in multiple […]