A Guide to Healthcare and Life Sciences Talks at Spark + AI Summit 2019

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Data and AI are ushering in a new era of precision medicine. The scale of the cloud, combined with advancements in machine learning, are enabling healthcare and life sciences organizations to use their mountains of data—such as electronic health records, genomics, real-world evidence, claims, and more—to drive innovation across the entire ecosystem, from accelerating drug […]

What To Know About AI In Healthcare And How To Help Users Trust It

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a generic phrase used to describe computer systems that can analyze their environment. These systems can learn and act in reaction to what they are recognizing. It is predicted that 20% of healthcare organizations will experience 15-20% productivity gains by 2021 through the use of AI technologies. Machine intelligence has a […]

Understand Real Life Challenges from Big Data

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by BDW Editor on December 21, 2018 Guest post by Herman Morgan, Business Analyst at Tatvasoft.com.au  The digital world is already growing at its pace and so does the volume of the data. There is a tremendous amount of data generated every day from various digital sources. Depending on its volume, velocity, veracity, and variety […]

How Is Big Data Going To Change Epidemiology And Disease Research?

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In the late 1990s, I first started learning about the field of computer science. It seemed like there was a striking contrast between computer science and the field of health services. I certainly didn’t think that the field of big data would be as intersectional with health sciences as it is today. I am starting […]

Doctors Look To Data To Increase Patient Engagement

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For many reasons, several of which we’ll discuss here, a patient’s full understanding of, and engagement with, their health care experiences are vital for a positive outcome. And today, we have more options than ever for achieving higher levels of interest, patient engagement, and “buy-in” from health care customers. These include data-rich wearables, telemedicine for […]

The Powerful Role Of Big Data In The Healthcare Industry

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The healthcare system is not only one of the largest industries. It is also one of the most complex, with patients constantly demanding better care management. The industry is making rapid progress. Specialists seek more effective solutions and new technologies are frequently brought to the table. Big data in the healthcare industry, along with industry […]

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Is Changing The Fabric Of The Industry

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Technology has changed the game in nearly all industries over the last 20 years, shifting the focus away from traditional methods of getting things done. With the help of advanced software, hardware, and an ever-connected world through the Internet, companies of all shapes and sizes have been forced to implement fresh ideas and follow or […]

How Big Data Allows Pre-emptive Healthcare to Prevent Disease

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Big data, robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are radically changing the way clinicians diagnose and treat disease.  Gone are the days of “one size fits all” treatment protocols.  Instead, healthcare providers are using centralized data sets that are AI analyzed to provide targeted, personalized healthcare that focuses on prevention rather than cure. In addition to […]