Big Data In iGaming Is The Biggest Disruptor In The Industry In Decades

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You can’t go online these days without seeing the words big data, artificial intelligence, or machine learning. These concepts are more than just buzzwords. They have become the basis of business decision making, customer research, risk analysis, and more. But it’s not only companies like Google and Facebook that are using big data for these […]

5 Ways Technology And AI Are Changing The Gaming Industry

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Technology is changing all of the time, and so are the ways that we continue to live and do things in our lives. One area that is continually being changed by advancements in tech is gaming. Technology and AI are changing the gaming industry drastically, and often for the better. Not just for players, but […]

Blockchain For Gaming May Rebuild Trust In The UK Video Game Industry

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The United Kingdom’s video game industry has been stagnant for the past two decades. It would have plummeted even further without the support of foreign entrepreneurs. A number of industry pundits predict that a series of new IPOs will drive a resurgence in the ailing industry. However, new blockchain for gaming may actually be the […]

How MMO AI Overhaul Can Shape The Future

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Artificial intelligence has been the backbone of the gaming industry since the very beginning. Pong was one of the first games that depended on AI algorithms, even though they were much more primitive than those used in modern gaming applications. However, AI has become much more sophisticated, particularly with developing non-player characters (NPCs) in modern […]

How The Online Gaming Industry Uses Big Data Analytics To Grow

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Online casinos are fast becoming one of the most lucrative industries in the world. It seems that these venues are experiencing unstoppable growth, with more and more people getting into the games as the years go by. So how do they do it? They’ve adapted to the times. By utilizing big data analytics and smart […]