Big Data Yields Important Insights On Student Loan Forgiveness

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Big data is transforming many facets of our lives. One of the ways consumers are looking to big data is with the student loan crisis. Big data advances could also make the government more understanding with its student loan forgiveness program. Big Data Could Turn the Student Loan Crisis on its Head There are multiple […]

Big Data’s Impact On Investing And The Finance World

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Traditionally, the world of investing was bland and exclusive. Investment vehicles were not very different from one another and minimum capital requirements meant that even this was reserved for the few who had the means. Most ordinary people had to settle for a savings account at their local bank while some even opted to simply […]

Big Data Paves The Road For A New Generation Of Investing Apps

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Big data is changing the financial industry in a truly astounding way. Countless financial professionals are looking towards machine learning and other new tools to improve the quality of the services that they offer to their customers. K. Hussain of Atos Spain published a white paper on the growing relevance of big data in the […]

A Proven Template For Financing Data-Driven Startups

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Tech startups face a substantial amount of competition for business financing. Thankfully, there are still some sources of funding that are available to owners of tech startups. Quick business loans can help you avoid the competitive process of finding venture capital. That way, you have access to the business startup loans you need to actualize […]

How Big Data Can Help Forex Traders And Brokers Build A Better Future

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It is no longer a secret that Big Data has left a major footprint on the financial market and has changed the way we interact with financial institutions. However, its influence goes much farther. Trading, which is an field that welcomes change and adopts disruptive innovations early, now also benefits from the ramifications of Big […]

Is Big Data An Essential Skillset For Future Financial Professionals?

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I was recently at a networking group. One of the attendees was a tax accountant, who said that big data is changing their field in surprising ways. FM Magazine has talked about this trend in detail. Financial professionals need to understand the impact of big data and prepare accordingly. How is Big Data Going to […]

Customers and Banks Priorities Collide as AI Jolts Financial Industry

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In a previous article I shared some of the challenges, benefits and trends of Big Data in the telecommunications industry. This time, I will focus on the financial services industry based on previous IBM studies in this industry and some personal experiences. An Industry Without Physical Products Big Data’s promise of value in the financial […]

Here’s How Blockchain Can Change Bancassurance

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Whether it is identity authentication, increasing the speed of cross-border payments, supply chain optimization or transportation logistics, blockchain technology has been providing solutions to a variety of industries. Blockchain can also become the answer to the problems encountered by bancassurance. The Issues Bancassurance Faces Now, and How Blockchain Can Help First of all, bancassurance is […]

How Financial Institutions Are Becoming Champions Of Big Data

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If someone asked you which industry is the most innovative, you probably wouldn’t say the financial industry. In fact, that would probably be the last industry on your list. Nonetheless, the financial industry is using big data more than ever. The success of both Fintech companies and traditional banks will hinge on their ability to […]

Here’s How Big Data Influences Banking And Online Lenders

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It was an ideal time for online lenders to arrive in Silicon Valley. After the financial crisis of 2008, banks who were the first choice as lenders for everyday people took a little bit of time to comprehend the way in which customers wanted to access credit and they were not ready to take any […]