Deep Learning on Medical Images at Population Scale: On-Demand Webinar and FAQ Now Available!

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On June 26th, we hosted a live webinar — Deep Learning on Medical Images at Population-scale— with members of the data science and engineering teams from Human Longevity Inc (HLI), a leader in medical imaging and genomics. During the webinar, HLI shared how they use MRI images, whole-genome sequencing data, and other clinical data sets […]

AWS + Databricks – Developer Day Events

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Every enterprise today wants to accelerate innovation by building AI into their business. However, most companies struggle with preparing large datasets for analytics, managing the proliferation of ML frameworks, and moving models in development to production. AWS and Databricks are presenting a series of Dev Day events where we will cover best practices for enterprises […]

Spark + AI Summit 2019 Product Announcements and Recap. Watch the keynote recordings today!

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Spark + AI Summit 2019, the world’s largest data and machine learning conference for the Apache Spark™ Community, brought nearly 5000 data scientists, engineers, and business leaders to San Francisco’s Moscone Center to find out what’s coming next. Watch the keynote recordings today and learn more about the latest product announcements for Apache Spark, MLflow, […]

A Guide to MLflow Talks at Spark + AI Summit 2019

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In less than a year, MLflow has reached almost 500K monthly downloads, and gathered over 80 code contributors and 40 contributing organizations, confirming the need for an open source approach to help standardize the machine learning lifecycle across tools, teams, and processes. We are thrilled to host some of our key contributors and customers next […]

A Guide to Healthcare and Life Sciences Talks at Spark + AI Summit 2019

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Data and AI are ushering in a new era of precision medicine. The scale of the cloud, combined with advancements in machine learning, are enabling healthcare and life sciences organizations to use their mountains of data—such as electronic health records, genomics, real-world evidence, claims, and more—to drive innovation across the entire ecosystem, from accelerating drug […]

A Guide to Financial Services Talks at Spark + AI Summit 2019

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The financial services industry is transforming rapidly. Customers today demand more personalized experiences, better returns on their investments and improved protection against fraud. As a result,  every bank, insurance company and institutional investor is turning towards big data and AI to meet these demands and outmaneuver the competition. Spark + AI Summit is the premier […]

A Guide to Keynotes at Spark + AI Summit 2019

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Over the past several years, Spark + AI Summit has become the premier event for data scientists, engineers, and Apache SparkTM enthusiasts to come together and share how they’re driving innovation with the latest data and machine learning technologies. Last year’s Summit set a new record, with more than 4000 attendees and over 100 talks […]

A Guide to Data Engineering Talks at Spark + AI Summit 2019

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Selected highlights from the new track Big data practitioners grapple with data quality issues and data pipeline complexities—it’s the bane of their existence. Whether you are chartered with advanced analytics, developing new machine learning models, providing operational reporting or managing the data infrastructure, the concern with data quality is a common theme. Data engineers, in […]

A Guide to Developer, Deep Dive, and Continuous Streaming Applications Talks at Spark + AI Summit

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In January 2013 when Stephen O’Grady, an analyst at RedMonk, published “The New Kingmakers: How Developers Conquered the World,” the book’s central argument (then and still now) universally resonated with an emerging open-source community. He convincingly charts developers’ movement “out of the shadows and into the light as new influencers on society’s [technical landscape].” Using […]