Are you ready to scale your Data and AI initiatives? How will you scale your security?

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This is Blog #3 in a series of blog posts about Databricks security. My colleagues David Cook (our CISO) and David Meyer (SVP products) laid out Databricks’ approach to Security in blog #1  & blog #2. With this blog, I will be talking about deploying and operating  Databricks at scale while minimizing human error. Democratize […]

The three biggest security challenges facing AI and data initiatives

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In today’s business climate, the ability to anticipate and meet customer needs is central to success. Forward looking business leaders are looking to unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive innovation, but this requires bringing together diverse teams and large volumes of data. With attackers getting more sophisticated, securing these complex data workflows […]

Meltdown and Spectre: Exploits and Mitigation Strategies

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  In an earlier blog post, we analyzed the performance impact of Meltdown and Spectre on big data workloads in the cloud. In this blog post, we explain these exploits, their mitigation strategies and how they impact Databricks from a security and performance perspective. Meltdown Meltdown breaks a fundamental assumption in operating system security: an […]