New videos from Databricks Academy: Introduction to Machine Learning Series and the Apache Spark™ Cost-Based Optimizer

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Databricks’ commitment to education is at the center of the work we do. Through Instructor-Led Training, Certification, and Self-Paced Training, Databricks Academy provides strong pathways for users to learn Apache Spark and Databricks, and to push their knowledge to the next level. In that spirit, we are pleased to present some great new free content. […]

5 Reasons to Become an Apache Spark Expert

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Apache Spark™ has fast become the most popular unified analytics engine for big data and machine learning. It was originally developed at UC Berkeley in 2009 by the team who later founded Databricks. Since its release, Apache Spark has seen rapid adoption. Today’s most cutting-edge companies such as Apple, Netflix, Facebook, and Uber have deployed Spark […]

Apparate: Managing Libraries in Databricks with CI/CD

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This is a guest blog from Hanna Torrence, Data Scientist at ShopRunner. Introduction As leveraging data becomes a more vital component of organizations’ tech stacks, it becomes increasingly important for data teams to make use of software engineering best-practices. The Databricks platform provides excellent tools for exploratory Apache Spark workflows in notebooks as well as […]

Can Big Data Solve The Student Loan Crisis? Here’s What To Know

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Big data is capable of solving some of the most serious challenges of our lives. Key decision-makers are using big data to improve the effectiveness of the criminal justice system, increase equity value for stockholders and invent technological breakthroughs such as new self-driving cars. However, there are other problems that it is helping society tackle. […]

Understand Real Life Challenges from Big Data

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by BDW Editor on December 21, 2018 Guest post by Herman Morgan, Business Analyst at  The digital world is already growing at its pace and so does the volume of the data. There is a tremendous amount of data generated every day from various digital sources. Depending on its volume, velocity, veracity, and variety […]

How Big Data For Education Sets The Stage For A New Era Of Learning

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It is an undeniable fact that with each passing day, big data is becoming more critical to business. In the years to come, the necessity of big data will spread to other sectors as well, especially education. In fact, in the last years, big data has had a significant impact on the educational sector. Educational […]

7 Lessons To Teach You All You Need To Know About Machine Learning

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Before discussing the ways in which you can learn all you need to know about machine learning, we would like to discuss what the subject matter actually is. Machine learning is essentially teaching a computer how to make decisions with the help of relevant data. It is very important for the computer to be able […]

Top Machine Learning Books And Videos For Beginners And Professionals

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Working with real data means that you need to get real insight for your business; don’t let the essential information slip out of your grasp – the world of machine learning awaits you! Explore Machine Learning with Packt’s range of books and video courses. Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners [Video] By Eduonix This best-selling course […]

Simplifying Change Data Capture with Databricks Delta

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A common use case that we run into at Databricks is that customers looking to perform change data capture (CDC) from one or many sources into a set of Databricks Delta tables. These sources may be on-premises or in the cloud, operational transactional stores, or data warehouses. The common glue that binds them all is […]

Databricks Engineering Interns & Impact in Summer 2018

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Thanks to our awesome interns! This summer, our Engineering interns at Databricks did amazing work.  Our interns, working on teams from Developer Tools to Machine Learning, built features and improvements which are already impacting our customers and the Apache Spark and AI communities. Spending a summer at Databricks Databricks Engineering internships are a mix of […]