4 Data-Driven Tactics For A Successful Ecommerce Website

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To start and run an e-commerce business is, by no means, an easy feat. When you start an online store, to ensure it actually succeeds and makes a name for itself is another challenge altogether. In a world as competitive as today, where businesses aren’t just competing at a local level, but at a global […]

Here’s How Big Data Analytics Has Changed the eCommerce Industry

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Data is everywhere. We gather and share countless data every moment, in fact, even our actions are generating data right now. Things that we used to see in sci-fi movies have now become real. With us being surrounded by so much data, managing them has become very challenging, but then big data is here! IoT, […]

How To Leverage The Power Of Artificial Intelligence In eCommerce

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In the contemporary tech landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as the most dominating trend. If you are reading this article, then you might have already heard about the AI. However, have you thought about how to get benefit from AI in your ecommerce Store? In reality, AI can boost your ecommerce business’s potential by […]

6 Ways Big Data Can Improve eCommerce For Your Business

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In recent years, big data has become more popular as businesses of all sizes have discovered how to tap into it when it comes to making crucial decisions. Big data has assisted in finding and fixing problems, tracking business progress, and justifying causes for action. Although there is still much more that we can do […]

4 Data-Backed Strategies To Drive More Traffic To Your eCommerce Site

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Driving more customers to your online business has been (and always will be) a top priority for ecommerce companies. Just a simple Google search will bring up thousands of tips to increase the number of visitors to your website and boost your ranking with SEO secrets. But if there are thousands of ways to do […]

Bringing Together Blockchain, eCommerce and Content

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If you’re a content creator, you’re probably a little tired of hearing the phrase “content is king.” That’s because even if you create a stellar piece of content, you don’t always get paid for what it’s worth. Imagine your content generates thousands or even millions of impressions, clicks, and conversions, and the data doesn’t lie. […]

3 Ways Big Data And Business Intelligence Can Improve Your Business

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Enterprises collect an unprecedented volume of data about their consumers, sales, and products. In most scenarios, these rows of information move very fast, are too big, or they surpass the processing capacity of the existing technology applications in the organization. But with big data and business intelligence, enterprises get to enhance operations, their profit margins, […]

5 Steps To Launching eCommerce Stores That Are Ready For Big Data

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Big data is playing a more important role in the future of ecommerce than ever before. Launching ecommerce with big data utilization is helping online retailers in countless ways, including: Expanding less energy testing marketing strategies. They can use Hadoop tools to extract data and identify correlations without having to manually run data audits on […]

Small Businesses Can Use Big Data eCommerce Solutions For Massive Success

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Big data is causing the online commerce industry to grow at an unprecedented rate. Large companies have invested the most in big data, so they are seeing the biggest dividends. However, a number of small companies are also exploring the benefits of deep learning and predictive analytics. In fact, an argument can be made that […]

Using Online Video, Customer Analytics and Big Data to Market Online

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The internet as a whole is full of more websites, images, video, and data than anyone could possibly consume. Even if you look at the number of videos uploaded to YouTube daily, it would take more than a lifetime just to consume one day’s worth. With all of this in mind, the internet is also […]