The Growing Importance Of Big Data In Application Monitoring

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Big data has given birth to a number of new applications. Both mobile and desktop devices are able to use more sophisticated applications to serve users in every part of the world. Tech Beacon wrote some very insightful guidelines for people trying to develop applications. Big data isn’t just useful for developing new applications. It […]

How Data-Driven Marketing Helps Improve Conversion Rates

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According to a recent Adobe report, marketers have identified data-driven marketing as the most important business opportunity for 2019. That clearly indicates the importance that marketers give to data and why you should too. After all, data-driven marketing can help you achieve numerous benefits for your business, ultimately leading to an increase in conversions. If […]

Data-Driven KPIs Are Pillars For SME Decision Making In 2019

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Big data is changing the entire nature of decision-making across organizations of all sizes. Companies on either side of the world have identified countless applications for big data, which is helping them save considerable amounts of money and get better ROIs from various assets. Big Data is the Foundation of Modern Decision-making These days, 92% of […]

7 Ways Smart Data Can Reduce Business Costs

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Smart items make up the majority of modern life. We have smartphones, smart speakers, smart cars and an entire Internet of Things (IoT) filled with devices meant to make our lives easier and more intuitive. Even the data businesses use has the option to become smart when business intelligence practices come into play. Instead of […]

7 Disastrous Cybersecurity Mistakes In A Big Data World

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Big data is changing the world in a number of ways. Companies rely on data to deliver efficient services, but they also have to worry about cybersecurity risks. Towards Data Science provided a very detailed guide on the relevance of machine learning to hackers. Hackers use a number of different big data tools to orchestrate […]

launch successful sales and marketing campaigns

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Data augments human aptitude by enabling rational decision-making. Now, as someone who is from the sales or marketing background, you don’t need me to say how significant data can be for all your efforts. For your marketing and sales campaigns to be successful, just having a behemoth of data at your disposal is not going […]