How Wix Is Using Predictive Analytics To Deliver Top-Tier Websites

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Predictive analytics is the foundation of modern marketing. Companies rely on predictive analytics to: Get a better understanding of customer behavior based on past data that has been collected Use existing data sets to identify future trends that will influence the future of your business Evaluate previous data repositories to identify threats and take corrective […]

Data Analytics Helps Property Management Companies Join The 21st Century

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A growing number of property management companies around the world are recognizing the benefits of data analytics. Analytics is a necessary element of any digital marketing strategy. Analyzing data patterns and trends is key to ensuring a company reaches the right customers and targets people in the right way. The property industry is one of […]

Your Guide To Understanding Various Types Of Data Masking

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“Google Search Reveals Community College Student’s Social Security Number.” While this may seem like a headline you would find on sites like The Onion, this is something that actually happened. This situation occurred when staff members at a community college started to test a new type of online application that utilized files full of sensitive […]

4 Data-Driven Tactics For A Successful Ecommerce Website

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To start and run an e-commerce business is, by no means, an easy feat. When you start an online store, to ensure it actually succeeds and makes a name for itself is another challenge altogether. In a world as competitive as today, where businesses aren’t just competing at a local level, but at a global […]

Big Data Solves Website Loading Issues For Foreign Traffic

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Big data is helping online entrepreneurs address some of the most pressing obstacles that they have faced for years. Marketers have utilized deep learning technology to get a better understanding of their customers, so they can refine their creative and targeting strategies. However, there are less obvious applications of big data that are equally important. […]

Leveraging Big Data To Create An Extraordinary Explainer Video

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Big data is revamping our views of digital marketing. It has already played an essential role in search engine optimization and social media marketing. Inc. talked about the role of big data in SEO a couple of years ago – a topic that we have covered extensively as well. However, it has recently started to […]

Big Data Is Key To Improving Writing Skills

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Big data is typically associated with the professions that became popular during the 21st Century digital boom. However, big data advances have also played a role in shaping many other skill sets. Writing is one of the competencies that is affected by big data. A 2013 report from Brookings showed this. Big Data is Playing […]

How Big Data Is Interrupting The Real Estate Industry

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Big data has a lot of applications. While we usually focus on big data’s impact in the marketing and fitness industries, there are other sectors that are equally affected by them. Large-scale real estate companies and firms have been using big data for a long time, but now the technology is becoming more affordable and […]

Is Big Data The Key To Our Culture’s Relationship Crisis?

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Big data is solving countless challenges in the business world. One of the biggest benefits of big data is improving relationship building. Victoria Greene, a writer for Bloomberg, wrote about the benefits of using big data to strengthen customer relationships. Greene states that there are lots of ways that big data is helping with customer […]

The Effect Of The Data Revolution In Enterprise Software Development

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Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President at Gartner perfectly summed up the currency of the times we live in: “Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.” The world is data-driven and if a few years ago McKinsey were talking about the way Big Data could sustain the growth of […]