Can the internet be decentralized through blockchain technology?

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When it comes to cybersecurity debates, a raging one these days is about the freedom on the internet. In the current Age of Information, several authorities, including governmental agencies have been striving to gain complete control over the internet.  A frequently brought-up aspect of internet freedom is ‘decentralization,’ which refers to a rather idealistic version […]

Role Of Predictive Analytics In The Shifting Email Threat Landscape

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Predictive analytics is essential in modern email threat prevention. The IEEE created a report titled Identifying Email Threats Using Predictive Analytics, which shed a lot of light on this complicated issue. How is Predictive Analytics Revamping Email Security? Securing your email and other communication mediums from unauthorized access and threats is a priority more than […]

Big Data Challenges Of Industry 4.0 Worth Considering

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The goal of Industry 4.0 is deceptively simple: maximize efficiency and profits, operate a leaner organization and, wherever possible, introduce automation in areas that humans find dangerous or repetitive. Accomplishing each of these feats requires buy-in of the monetary and mental varieties. It also requires access to meaningful operational information. In other words, it needs […]

Everything From Risks To Benefits

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The advent of new technologies is constantly transforming the way of data analysis. In the business world, data is the core of nearly every significant decision. Every company wants to capture maximum relevant data through which the overall business processes can be improved at an entirely new level. Gathering relevant data is one of the […]

Data Savvy Hackers Enhance Password Vulnerability In 2019

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Big data is making a number of cybersecurity risks worse than ever. A growing number of companies are starting to explore the need to utilize big data to enhance their digital security. They are also starting to recognize that hackers are using big data as well, so they need to monitor them carefully. One of […]

7 Disastrous Cybersecurity Mistakes In A Big Data World

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Big data is changing the world in a number of ways. Companies rely on data to deliver efficient services, but they also have to worry about cybersecurity risks. Towards Data Science provided a very detailed guide on the relevance of machine learning to hackers. Hackers use a number of different big data tools to orchestrate […]

How To Improve Cybersecurity With Data Science

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Are you startled by the rise of cyberattacks globally? Well, your business is not immune to these attacks, and you should never be complacent with your existing security measures. There is a need to employ professionals to handle the security aspect of your business. Some of the people that will give high-level ideas on your […]

Useful Tips To Protect Your Bitcoin From Hackers

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Some of the biggest things putting people off getting into Bitcoin and other cryptos is a lack of education on what they are and how they work, as well as their frequent fluctuations in market value. Another is a fear of being hacked and having your Bitcoins stolen. Without a centralized body to fall back […]

Urgent Tips To Guard Against New IoT Cybersecurity Threats

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Networking technologies have made the world very small in the sense that they have allowed people who are thousands of miles apart to communicate in real-time. But network technologies and gadgets can be dangerous when it comes to cyber espionage. Hacked network equipment could cause losses in the tens and hundreds of US dollars. Botnets […]

Big Data Makes Black Hat Hackers More Terrifying Than Ever

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Big data is the lynchpin of new advances in cybersecurity. Unfortunately, predictive analytics and machine learning technology is a double-edged sword for cybersecurity. Hackers are also exploiting this technology, which means that there is a virtual arms race between cybersecurity companies and black hat cybercriminals. Datanami has talked about the ways that hackers use big […]