Simplifying Distributed Deep Learning Model Inference Webinar

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On October 10th, our team hosted a live webinar—Simple Distributed Deep Learning Model Inference—with Xiangrui Meng, Software Engineer at Databricks. Model inference, unlike model training, is usually embarrassingly parallel and hence simple to distribute. However, in practice, complex data scenarios and compute infrastructure often make this “simple” task hard to do from data source to […]

Can the internet be decentralized through blockchain technology?

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When it comes to cybersecurity debates, a raging one these days is about the freedom on the internet. In the current Age of Information, several authorities, including governmental agencies have been striving to gain complete control over the internet.  A frequently brought-up aspect of internet freedom is ‘decentralization,’ which refers to a rather idealistic version […]

A Guide to Training Sessions at Spark + AI Summit, Europe

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Education and the pursuit of knowledge are lifelong journeys: they never complete; there is always something new to learn; a new professional certification to add to your credit; a knowledge gap to fill. Training at Spark + AI Summit, Europe is not only about becoming an Apache Spark expert. Nor is it only about being […]

5 Ingenious Tips For A Promising Big Data Career

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Big data has been billed as being the future of business for quite some time. However, the future is now. Analysts have found that the market for big data jobs increased 23% between 2014 and 2019. The market for Hadoop jobs increased 58% in that timeframe. The impact of big data is felt across all […]

launch successful sales and marketing campaigns

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Data augments human aptitude by enabling rational decision-making. Now, as someone who is from the sales or marketing background, you don’t need me to say how significant data can be for all your efforts. For your marketing and sales campaigns to be successful, just having a behemoth of data at your disposal is not going […]

BigQuery and Google Data Studio: visualizing without a code!

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We’re in an age where there’s so much data and a shortage of analysts (and time) to sift through it all. So, tools become absolutely necessary. And these tools are evolving to empower less technical folks – like marketers – to analyze and visualize their own large data sets. In this post, we’ll walk you […]