6 of my favorite case studies in Data Science

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Data scientists are numbers people. They have a deep understanding of statistics and algorithms, programming and hacking, and communication skills. Data science is about applying these three skill sets in a disciplined and systematic manner, with the goal of improving an aspect of the business. That’s the data science process. In order to stay abreast […]

Can Advancements In Data Science Solve Cybersecurity Challenges?

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The growing complexity in IT networks along with the emergence of technological marvels like Internet of Things, the global connectivity is headed to its peak. The evolution of smart algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other cutting-edge, innovative technologies shows a promising future. However, amidst all this technological upheaval, a menace called cybersecurity threat is […]

4 Reasons All Data Scientists Should Be Skilled in Psychology

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Data science was recently named “the sexiest job of the 21st-century by Harvard Business Review. Today, enterprises that range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies are aggressively seeking the most talented data science specialists on the market. These experts help companies make sense of massive amounts of information, solve complex problems and improve operations. Data […]

Data Science And Robotics: The Next Big Area Of Study?

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Data science is an important and valuable skill. Engineers are creating remarkable innovations every day, and with the relatively recent evolution of robotics, the data science field is bursting with opportunities. Data science and robotics are important fields to keep top of mind. Robots are growing increasingly intelligent and complex, but they have quite a […]

8 must-read books on Statistics & Mathematics for Data Science – Big Data Made Simple

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There are a number of points one must keep in mind while trying to master data science.  Especially for those who are surrounding themselves with numbers and mountains of information. What’s more, the top organizations around the world are constantly in need of data science experts and specialists. So, it helps to continuously refresh your […]

12 free mind mapping tools for data scientists for structured thinking – Big Data Made Simple

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Could you ever think about business intelligence without data? It’s pretty difficult. You can’t derive path-changing decisions unless you have a collective data set of market, customers and the insight of the organization. That’s why Carl Sagan has well said, “With insufficient data, it’s easy to go wrong”. Thereby, the data geeks pull out decisions that […]

Leveraging Existing Data To Penetrate Saturated Markets

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Ever since big data become a buzz term companies have leveraged data they’ve collected to improve market penetration. This strategy has worked for the better part of the last ten years or so. Unfortunately, traditional online and social marketing platforms have gotten so saturated that it’s nearly impossible to penetrate certain demographics at this point. […]