Grasping The Cutting Edge Technology Behind Data Recovery Tools

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Data loss is a common problem that many people face. The average data loss in incident at the corporate level costs $5.4 million. These costs might be lower for smaller businesses, but the consequences can be even higher, considering that they have more limited budgets. The good news is that big data technology has made […]

The Cloud Doesn’t Eliminate The Need For Data Recovery Software

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Cloud computing has disrupted the digital technology sector in surprising ways. According to some estimates, the market is expected to rise to $411 billion by the end of next year. The rapid growth can largely be attributed to advances in artificial intelligence and big data. However, despite some of the fascinating advances, there are still […]

Big Data Changes The Future Of The Data Recovery Industry

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The global big data market is growing at an unprecedented pace. One study from Wikibon showed that the market is growing at a rate of 10.48% a year. As the value of the big data market continues to grow, organizational dependence on it will solidify as well. This only becomes a problem when data servers […]