Growing Data Privacy Concerns Highlight A Need For VPNs In 2019

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Welcome to 2019! As we kick off the new year, we have discovered that many people are expressing greater concerns about data privacy than ever. The proliferation of big data has helped accelerate this trend. Pew Research has tracked polls on data privacy over time. Last year, they conducted a big data and privacy poll […]

How To Share Data Safely Across Your Supply Chain

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Consumers demand transparency, but that openness comes at the cost of security. You can successfully balance safety and data sharing, though. With the introduction of digital collaborative technology, you have the tools necessary to secure your information and share data safely while tracking products across the supply chain. Why Transparency Is So Important Whereas customers […]

Here Are The Most Important Ways To Ensure Customer Data Protection

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It seems like only yesterday that we started using and relying on data more often in the world of business and a variety of other industries. For good reason, data quickly became the go-to driver for many processes, including building engagement with customers and users—and as a result, customer data protection is now of utmost […]