Here’s How Big Data Influences Banking And Online Lenders

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It was an ideal time for online lenders to arrive in Silicon Valley. After the financial crisis of 2008, banks who were the first choice as lenders for everyday people took a little bit of time to comprehend the way in which customers wanted to access credit and they were not ready to take any […]

Your Guide To Current Trends And Challenges In Data Mining

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The state of data mining is eager to improve as we slowly step into the new year. Organizations of all shapes and sizes belonging to both the public and the governmental sector are focusing on digging deeper into organized data to help perfect future investments as well as the customer experience being served. Data mining […]

How Data Mining Tools Break Through Misconceptions To Optimize SEO

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Big data is playing a prominent role in SEO. Most experts talk about how Google uses big data more effectively, but there are also plenty of ways that marketers use it as well. This one reason why data mining tools are so important. Big Data is Making SEO Professionals More Confident When people perform searches […]

Be On The Look Out For These Top Data Collection Procedures For 2019

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As we head into 2019, we are finding that data mining is becoming more important than ever. You need to understand the different data collection strategies available. You are going to want to use them to their fullest potential. What is Data Collection and How Can it Help Your Brand? So, what is data collection […]

Here’s How The UK Government Is Using Big Data For Tax Collection

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Governments around the world are stepping up their use of big data for tax. They are depending on it more heavily than ever to ensure compliance and eliminate waste. The UK government has recently begun using big data for tax policies. Can Big Data Really Help With Tax Compliance? A couple of years ago, the United […]

Here’s Why Python Is The Top Programming Language For Data

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Packt Publishing, publisher of software learning resources, has revealed the results of its 2018 Skill Up survey in a new report—including the top programming language for data. From what programming languages, frameworks, and libraries are most used, to job satisfaction and what it’s like to work in the software industry today, the report offers a […]

How Fintech Industry Using Web Data For Financial Intelligence

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The ease of data access has led to a paradigm shift in the way businesses operate. In the present state, apart from the traditional data, companies are increasingly using ‘alt-data’ — alternate data that can be accessed from unconventional sources like the web, customer support transcripts, sensors, satellite images and more. Jennifer Belissent, Principal Analyst […]