3 Big Data And Automation Resolutions For Entrepreneurs In 2019

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Entrepreneurs and small business owners are always looking to get more done with less time. With so many tasks to complete, many business owners quickly feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Fortunately, two emerging trends, big data and automation, can reduce the amount of time required to do important work tasks. While many […]

Why Every Organization Should Collect and Share Their Charitable Giving Data

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In today’s world, a growing number of companies realize how important it is to donate to charitable causes. Those entities recognize they can do good through that decision. However, it’s evident that companies should go beyond mere generosity and collect and share data about charitable giving. The Public Appreciates Details Associated With Giving A known […]

4 Ways Data Can Help Increase KPIs For Dispatch Teams

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No matter what industry you’re in, it goes without saying that your company should always be looking to improve. You probably have a number of key performance indicators (KPIs), that you’re constantly trying to hit. Then, every time you do, you make these goals a little bit loftier, so you’re regularly improving. Of course, when […]

5 Industries That Are Impacted By Data Collection In A Major Way

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The use of data can allow a company to maximize their ROI in certain industries, and there are are all kinds of industries that are impacted by data collection. Making informed decisions based on data yield far more profits than making a decision on a gut feeling. Not all industries are data driven though but […]

Here’s Why Google Is Being Investigated In Australia Over Data Collection

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The Australian government recently made a startling announcement. It plans to investigate Google for alleged privacy violations of its citizens. This is not the first major tech company to be investigated there. The announcement that Google is being investigated comes less than a year after it began investigating Facebook. Australia goes after Google in its […]

Be On The Look Out For These Top Data Collection Procedures For 2019

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As we head into 2019, we are finding that data mining is becoming more important than ever. You need to understand the different data collection strategies available. You are going to want to use them to their fullest potential. What is Data Collection and How Can it Help Your Brand? So, what is data collection […]

Analyzing Big Data Is The Key To Successful Self-Driving Vehicles

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Big data is changing the world, but it is entrepreneurs and companies that are able to use this data to drive real change – especially when it comes to self-driving cars. Self-driving vehicles may be the biggest innovation in everyday life since the Internet. There are 1.2 billion vehicles in existence, and all of these […]

What To Consider When Gauging The Effectiveness Of Collected Data

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The acquisition and retention of customers is the biggest challenge facing marketers. Marketers can overcome this challenging by accessing critical data on consumers. Mittelberg asserts that this data can help marketers in two ways. One of them is communicating effectively with the most viable leads. Another one is identifying consumer needs and using this information […]

Is Big Data Modeling Fighting Epidemics of Infectious Diseases?

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The risks of infectious diseases were a major concern in the early 2000‘s, especially after the outbreak of SARS. These concerns have mellowed in recent years, but are still a risk that epidemiologists around the world must prepare for. New improvements in big data modeling have helped taper some of these concerns. How is big […]