IBM Emphasizes The Benefits Of Data Analytics For Renewable Energy

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Big data is playing a surprisingly important role in the evolution of renewable energy. IBM recently published a fascinating paper on the applications of big data for solar and other green energy sources. Other researchers around the world are also talking about the role of data analytics in this dynamic, growing field. Global Experts Weigh […]

How Data Analytics Is Changing The Insurance Industry

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The insurance industry is based on the idea of managing risk. To determine this risk, the industry must consult data and see what trends are evident to draft their risk profiles. The journal Risk Management and Insurance Review mentions that historically, in the latter half of the twentieth century, the analysis of trends was the […]

How To Find And Resolve Blind Spots In Your Data

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There’s a growing number of tools that you can use to analyze data for a business. But you may not be overly confident in the results if you don’t take the data’s blind spots into account. There’s no single way to do that, but we’ll look at some possibilities here. The first thing to keep […]

Here’s How To Implement Manufacturing Analytics Today

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Big data is everywhere, and it’s finding its way into a multitude of industries and applications. One of the most fascinating big data industries is manufacturing. In an environment of fast-paced production and competitive markets, big data helps companies rise to the top and stay efficient and relevant. Manufacturing innovation has long been an integral […]

Log Analytics Practices That DevOps Experts Must Embrace In 2019

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DevOps is a growing field. It is growing more rapidly as new log analytics solutions are being put into place. Developers need to understand the role of distributed systems and how they further the evolution of DevOps. Distributed systems have come a long way in the last decade. As a result, log data management has […]

How To Use Data Analytics To Launch A Sustainable Technology Business

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Sustainability is a major concern for many businesses. You probably wouldn’t think that data analytics would be the core solution. Many people believe that the fields of big data and green business have little overlap. However, big data could actually be a wonderful solution for many sustainability problems. People that know me are aware that […]

How Real-Time Analytics Can Help Assess ROI Of Toll-Free Call Support

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The telecom industry is undergoing some major changes, due to advances in big data. Companies that rely heavily on telephone services should recognize this trend and use big data to get the most value from their services. One way that big data can be especially helpful is by monitoring the ROI of toll-free services. Real-time […]

How To Solve The Data Management Challenge Of Self-Driving Cars

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Self-driving cars and trucks once seemed like a staple of science fiction which could never morph into a reality here in the real world. Nevertheless, the past few years have given rise to a number of impressive innovations in the field of autonomous vehicles that have turned self-driving cars from a funny idea into a […]

Invest In Analytics To Improve Your Production Line

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Manufacturing is a more powerful and essential part of our industries and economies than ever. But setting these vital enterprises up for maximum success and unrivaled innovation takes information — and that means gathering data. If you represent a manufacturing concern and you’re wondering about the benefits of capturing and analyzing operational data, you’ve come […]

These Top 3 Email Metrics Tools Are Made Possible By Big Data Analytics

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Big data is changing the nature of email marketing. Although data analytics has played a vital role in split-testing campaign variables, there are other benefits as well. One way that big data is helping in email marketing is improving team collaboration. New tools have made it easier for teams to coordinate with each other on […]