Data-Driven Recruiting is Solving Decades-Old Hiring Challenges

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One poll found that 78% of employees would leave their current jobs if they could. However, employers still have a hard time finding employees. This would not be the case if they were able to identify employees soon enough and make great offers to them. Bernard Marr recently wrote a compelling piece in Forbes on […]

How Virtual Assistants Use Data Analytics To Save Clients Money

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William Schmarzo and Hitachi Vantara, two experts from KDNuggets recently talked about the role of big data in the corporate world. They mentioned that companies often face a dilemma between choosing to use big data to save money versus making money. The reality is that both are essential at the same time. Virtual assistants are […]

6 Ways Big Data Can Improve eCommerce For Your Business

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In recent years, big data has become more popular as businesses of all sizes have discovered how to tap into it when it comes to making crucial decisions. Big data has assisted in finding and fixing problems, tracking business progress, and justifying causes for action. Although there is still much more that we can do […]

4 Ways Data Can Help Increase KPIs For Dispatch Teams

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No matter what industry you’re in, it goes without saying that your company should always be looking to improve. You probably have a number of key performance indicators (KPIs), that you’re constantly trying to hit. Then, every time you do, you make these goals a little bit loftier, so you’re regularly improving. Of course, when […]

10 Effective Big Data Strategies For Marketing Online

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Big data has changed the nature of business in ways marketers of the 1980s would never have understood. Big data is especially important online. What and the 10 most useful strategies for using big data to market your business online? That’s a question every businessperson ought to ask himself or herself. If you do your […]

The Fascinating Intersection of Social Media, Big Data And Forex Trading

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Big data is changing the future of financial markets in fascinating ways. Most experts discuss the impact it has had on the stock market, but it is changing forex in even bigger ways. This is most evident when looking at the role that big data plays in social media, which is influencing forex in unexpected […]

Here’s How To Use Big Data To Optimize WordPress Performance

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Big data is changing the nature of website management. According to a report from APM, it is one of the biggest changes that is going to affect WordPress managers this year. Big data plays an important role in managing expectations and measuring goal performance. According to a study from Wharton, 72% of businesses fail to […]

Are Advances In Analytics The Key To Increasing Hospital Profit Margins?

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Earlier this year, Jennifer Bresnick wrote an article for Health IT Analytics on the priorities that hospitals have regarding data analytics. She stated that data vendors have been advertising the benefits of big data analytics to hospitals of all sizes. However, hospitals have been conservative about investing in them. Data vendors have pointed out that […]

Does Big Data Cause Deconsolidation Of The Cloud Market?

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Just like a walk on the beach leaves behind footprints in the sand, our day to day online activities leave behind footprints in the form of data. Unlike footprints in the sand, data can be stored for an infinite amount of time. The amount of data that people create has increased substantially. With more and […]

5 Free eBooks On Big Data And Business Intelligence

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If you’re looking to learn more about big data and business intelligence, there are ways to increase your skills for free. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, one of the free ebooks below can be a great resource. 1. Learning IPython for Interactive Computing and Data Visualization – Second Edition by Cyrille Rossant What you will […]