Blockchain And The Future Of Electronic Medical Records

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Blockchain is the Biggest Breakthrough in Healthcare in 50 Years Blockchain technology is typically associated with cryptocurrencies, but it can also be applied to new industries – one of which is the medical field. The technology is being explored as a way to create a shared network of healthcare data, and could hold a key […]

Predictive Analytics Makes DasCoin And Other Currencies Mainstream

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The person going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto made waves in 2008 by announcing the launch of bitcoin. Bitcoin was the world’s first digital currency, but a number of others have reached the market as well. Litecoin, etherium, ripple and Monero are just a few. DasCoin is one of the newest virtual currencies to reach […]

6 Rising Cryptocurrencies Worth Keeping An Eye On

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It wouldn’t be wrong to say cryptocurrencies have created the greatest wave since the dot com era came into being. In 2017, a single bitcoin was valued at a whopping $19,000, and it has continued to mostly rise since then. This certainly puts it at top of mind when discussing cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has become a […]