The 6 Biggest Problems Of Professional Crypto Traders

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Crypto trading is a risky activity that may lead to substantial losses. The author doesn’t take responsibility for any consequences of the readers’ deals. What do you think about expert steel-makers? What about professional truck drivers? How do committed teachers feel? All of them succeed because they dedicate everything they have to one occupation or […]

These Bitcoin Platforms Are Using Big Data To Redefine Cryptotrading

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Big data is having a huge effect on the future of cryptocurrency markets around the world. A growing number of companies are leveraging big data to streamline cryptotrading and improve security and customer satisfaction. Big Data Made Simple wrote a very helpful post about the benefits of using big data to facilitate the cryptocurrency trading […]

Is Predictive Analytics Setting The Stage For An Ethereum Price Increase?

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Big data has changed the cryptocurrency industry in a number of ways. Blockchain has evolved in parallel with big data, as the two technologies feed into each other’s advances. However, ethereum is another cryptocurrency that is changing with big data. Predictive analytics is playing an especially important role. Predictive Analytics is Changing the Future of […]

AI Drives Huge Crypto And Blockchain Innovations In 2019

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Artificial intelligence has had a huge impact on the future of bitcoin. This is largely due to advances in big data, which have made AI more versatile than ever. Last year, NewsBTC published a list of 10 of the biggest AI projects shaping cryptocurrencies.  Some of these projects are versatile and can be used for […]

How New Database Innovations Multiply Blockchain Use

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By now, the entire world has heard about blockchain and the wonders of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). According to Business Wire, the value of the blockchain market is likely to get to as much as $US 8.68 billion by 2024. From what we understand about blockchain technology and the recent slump in the cryptocurrency markets […]

How The Blockchain Is Fueling The Ethereum Trend

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Ethereum is a sprawling, decentralized network that is fueled by a cryptocurrency known as ‘Ether.’ It is one of the newest technologies employing new tools, including blockchain technology, to achieve a decentralized objective. As a result, the Ethereum trend is growing stronger by the day. The power of the blockchain technology behind Ethereum is so […]