4 Signs Your Business Needs Professional IT Support

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American small and medium-sized businesses spend nearly $700 billion a year on technology. Utilizing the power of technology is essential when trying to gain a competitive edge. The more software programs and apps you have in place, the higher the need for professional information technology support will become. The biggest mistake you can make as […]

5 Data-Backed Benefits Of Using YouTube To Grow Your Business

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YouTube has become an iconic app over the last decade. It has helped artists, comedians, and business people grow their careers. Because of the reduced reading culture in modern society, video marketing is essential nowadays. A related website deals with the fact Social10x enlighten how videos became a crucial source of information. Denying the effectiveness […]

The Top Advantages Of Blockchain For Businesses

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Many people associate blockchain with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Yes, it is true that it was the success of Bitcoin that gave the world insight into the blockchain technology. But Bitcoin is just one example of blockchain application. Many other sectors can immensely benefit from the blockchain technology. Businesses, in particular, could take advantage of this […]

Leveraging Existing Data To Penetrate Saturated Markets

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Ever since big data become a buzz term companies have leveraged data they’ve collected to improve market penetration. This strategy has worked for the better part of the last ten years or so. Unfortunately, traditional online and social marketing platforms have gotten so saturated that it’s nearly impossible to penetrate certain demographics at this point. […]

What To Know About Using Artificial Intelligence For Big Data Analysis

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For the past many decades of hope and promise, 2018 may finally be the year when AI will gain meaningful traction and use within the Fortune 1000 companies. A survey conducted by New Vantage Partners represented around 97.2% of the executives who were willing to invest in launching and facilitating AI and Big Data initiatives. […]

3 Ways Big Data Improves Leadership Within Companies

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The role of today’s business leaders is changing. They no longer focus solely on motivation and empowerment, but also on the analytical and social/ human skills needed to drive organizations toward corporate objectives. Today’s industry leaders must adjust quickly to changes in privacy laws and other regulations that require revisions to policies and procedures. Big […]

Artificial Intelligence, Business, And Our Future Job Security

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There’s something both beautiful and frightening about the slow loss of the human element in the business sector, future job security changes, and its looming inevitability. Humankind has been dreaming of the day when our intervention in the monotony of the daily grind becomes a thing of the past for nearly as long as we’ve […]

How Machine Learning In Business Can Transform The Modern Workforce

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Machine learning (ML) in business is changing the world industry marketing platform effectively through its new advancements. Its impact on organizations shows that the future of marketing will comprise of savvy marketers working as a team with machine learning based automation entities. Machine learning technologies are used to find a solution for various problems and new […]

4 Ways to Develop a Holistic Understanding of Big Data and Computer Science?

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There’s no getting around it: computer science and big data have been woven into the fabric of modern business. In fact, by the end of 2017, 53% of companies had adopted big data, up from just 17% in 2015. Today, big data in business is a key part of monitoring how marketing efforts perform, getting […]