7 Big Data Tools To Monitor Employee Performance

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Big data is shaping the workplace in fascinating ways. This is especially true with newer workplaces that focus on digital, remote teams. According to Big Data Made Easy, data technology has contributed both positive and negative changes to company workplaces. In order to help employees, improve, it’s important to monitor their performance to identify strengths […]

How Big Data Helps Businesses Thrive On A Global Level

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Big data has broken down the many of the geographical barriers that have traditionally impeded success on the global stage. Companies of all sizes are investing in data-driven solutions to create seamless marketing strategies that transcend national barriers. Making the Plunge and Using Big Data to Thrive as a Global Brand Harvard Business School recently […]

5 Questions To Ask Before Embedding Business Intelligence Into Software

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The embedded business intelligence market is projected to double in size between 2016 and 2022. This technology is clearly in demand, but does that mean it should be embedded into every application? The answer is not so obvious. Embedded BI has advantages from the developer’s perspective. Most noticeably, it frees up IT teams from having to conduct […]

The Connection Between Science And Business In Big Data

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Making sense of all the noise is difficult in the era of data. Businesses have invested billions to hire data scientists, and data has already changed various fields involving retail and healthcare. On the other hand, Kaggle’s survey found out that many data scientists feel the lack of explaining data science to others as one […]

Data-Driven Recruiting is Solving Decades-Old Hiring Challenges

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One poll found that 78% of employees would leave their current jobs if they could. However, employers still have a hard time finding employees. This would not be the case if they were able to identify employees soon enough and make great offers to them. Bernard Marr recently wrote a compelling piece in Forbes on […]

How Artificial Intelligence For Contract Negotiations Impacts Companies

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Many companies negotiate countless contracts a year, ranging from facilities rentals, technology licenses, sales, employment, or strategic partnerships. One of the biggest challenges, companies face in negotiating contracts is that they span such a wide variety of topics. Even the best trained negotiators may struggle when parsing through a contract that is outside of their […]

6 Ways Big Data Can Improve eCommerce For Your Business

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In recent years, big data has become more popular as businesses of all sizes have discovered how to tap into it when it comes to making crucial decisions. Big data has assisted in finding and fixing problems, tracking business progress, and justifying causes for action. Although there is still much more that we can do […]

5 Industries That Are Impacted By Data Collection In A Major Way

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The use of data can allow a company to maximize their ROI in certain industries, and there are are all kinds of industries that are impacted by data collection. Making informed decisions based on data yield far more profits than making a decision on a gut feeling. Not all industries are data driven though but […]

Why Choosing Python For Data Science Is An Important Move

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In this article, we are going to discuss about why to choose Python for data science. We’ll introduce PixieDust, an open source library, that focuses on three simple goals: Democratize data science by lowering the barrier to entry for non-data scientists Increase collaboration between developers and data scientists Make it easier to operationalize data science […]

4 Ways To Handle The Challenges Of DevOps Implementations

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When a large-scale and small-large business tries to introduce DevOps models in their organization for improving productivity and workflow, they can face lots of hurdles—but they can also find great success. The DevOps environment is a very complex environment, and it is very difficult to monitor and maintain. In recent times, most of the ITOps […]