What Skills Do You Need to Become a Blockchain Engineer?

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In its latest report, Gartner predicts that by 2021, almost 90% of the current enterprises will require to replace blockchain platforms in order to stay relevant, competitive, protected and not become redundant. With blockchain becoming the go-to technology for most industries, the popularity keeps increasing. Businesses from almost every country, major organizations and even the […]

Here’s How Blockchain Can Change Bancassurance

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Whether it is identity authentication, increasing the speed of cross-border payments, supply chain optimization or transportation logistics, blockchain technology has been providing solutions to a variety of industries. Blockchain can also become the answer to the problems encountered by bancassurance. The Issues Bancassurance Faces Now, and How Blockchain Can Help First of all, bancassurance is […]

Is 2019 The Year Finance Discovers Blockchain?

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The contemporary market is inundated with new stories about blockchain on a daily basis, but few analysts who are keeping an eye on this technology have been paying enough attention to how much the financial sector is beginning to embrace this exciting innovation. It’s increasingly becoming clear that 2018 could very well be the year […]

6 Ways Blockchain Revolutionizes Digital Marketing

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Blockchain technology is often associated with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that are not only disrupting the financial sector but transforming the way various industries do business. Blockchain is a decentralized technology, which is considered to be the next huge wave in technology. It has everything documented and verified, allowing decentralized communication between different parties. The global […]

Forces of Bitcoin – Cryptography

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Blockchain is a technology that pretty much took the world by storm in 2017, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency are words that almost everybody knows these days. These words have entered peoples’ minds through mainstream media, which has finally paid some attention to this exciting new technology. Learn about […]

These Bitcoin Platforms Are Using Big Data To Redefine Cryptotrading

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Big data is having a huge effect on the future of cryptocurrency markets around the world. A growing number of companies are leveraging big data to streamline cryptotrading and improve security and customer satisfaction. Big Data Made Simple wrote a very helpful post about the benefits of using big data to facilitate the cryptocurrency trading […]

5 Blockchain Trends for You to Consider this Year

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The blockchain ecosystem is rapidly expanding. New blockchains or different consensus mechanisms are announced continuously, resulting in a more mature ecosystem. For blockchain technology to achieve wide-scale adoption, a decentralised ecosystem has to be developed. To achieve a decentralised society, many more components need to be built, requiring global standards and large investments. I estimate […]

Could Blockchain Prevent the Internet of Vulnerable Things?

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The Internet of Things is coming. Unfortunately, connected devices have a variety of vulnerabilities and almost any smart device is a vulnerable device. Security issues include technical problems (outdated software, insecure data transmissions, etc.) and people problems (simple and default passwords, public Wi-Fi, etc.). As more devices connect to the internet and each other without […]