7 Blockchain Challenges to be Solved before Large-Scale Enterprise Adoption

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When organisations adopt new technologies, the context of that technology plays an important role. How people deal with the material properties of new technology is informed by their previous experience of using or not using similar technologies in the past. Since blockchain is still a new technology, how organisations adopt this technology also depends on […]

Investigating The Scalability Issues Of Bitcoin In Blockchain

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Scalability is a crucial factor that is talked about even before an application has been created. Yet, even after the application is deployed, the application will be required to be updated frequently to scale based on the application load. While scalability has been one of the concerns even in the blockchain space, it wasn’t the first […]

The Token Sales Mechanics

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Creating tokens in an ICO was one thing, but figuring out how many to create, how much to sell, the early round bonuses, the inflation rate and everything else relating to the mechanics of the tokens was (and still is) a challenging task.   Although there is no right or wrong way to create tokens and […]

Useful Tips To Protect Your Bitcoin From Hackers

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Some of the biggest things putting people off getting into Bitcoin and other cryptos is a lack of education on what they are and how they work, as well as their frequent fluctuations in market value. Another is a fear of being hacked and having your Bitcoins stolen. Without a centralized body to fall back […]

Book: The Organisation of Tomorrow – Available Now!

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Earlier this year, I completed my PhD at the University of Technology Sydney. My research focused on how do emerging information technologies change the interaction of organisations and technologies. The title of my research was: Sociomateriality in the age of Emerging Information Technologies: How big data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence affect organisations. Undertaking a […]