AI Drives Huge Crypto And Blockchain Innovations In 2019

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Artificial intelligence has had a huge impact on the future of bitcoin. This is largely due to advances in big data, which have made AI more versatile than ever. Last year, NewsBTC published a list of 10 of the biggest AI projects shaping cryptocurrencies.  Some of these projects are versatile and can be used for […]

Why Ricardian Contracts, not Smart Contracts, are Blockchain’s Killer Application

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Smart contracts have been dubbed the killer application of distributed ledger technology. Within every industry, smart contracts will provide significant efficiency benefits. They will reduce transaction times between stakeholders from weeks to minutes or seconds. Especially within global supply chains, smart contracts will kickstart data-enabled collaboration. They can offer trust, provenance and security while enabling […]

How to Improve Blockchain Security

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In 2014, Mt. Gox, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges (managing approximately 70% of all transactions in Bitcoin) had been the victim of successful hacking attempts for a period of three years, and Mt. Gox’s customers lost 750,000 Bitcoins. Bitcoin lost over a third of its value when the full extent of the fraud was revealed.  […]

Will Blockchain Finally Make Its Mark In 2019?

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Many of the early proponents of blockchain still find themselves fending off unwarranted criticisms that the technology is worthless. While it’s indisputable that blockchain is a fascinating and innovating development that’s reshaped our marketplace over the past few years, it certainly hasn’t yet achieved the wondrous changes that many of its backers have been predicting. […]