Book: The Organisation of Tomorrow – Available Now!

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Earlier this year, I completed my PhD at the University of Technology Sydney. My research focused on how do emerging information technologies change the interaction of organisations and technologies. The title of my research was: Sociomateriality in the age of Emerging Information Technologies: How big data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence affect organisations. Undertaking a […]

The 6 Biggest Problems Of Professional Crypto Traders

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Crypto trading is a risky activity that may lead to substantial losses. The author doesn’t take responsibility for any consequences of the readers’ deals. What do you think about expert steel-makers? What about professional truck drivers? How do committed teachers feel? All of them succeed because they dedicate everything they have to one occupation or […]

To Libra or Not To Libra

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An interesting fact about Libra Facebook’s native currency, which was announced June 18th, is that it was inspired from three distinct elements: the Roman weight measurement system, the astrological sign for justice, and the French term for freedom. The culmination of these three elements embodies the essence of Libra, which aims to be a global cryptocurrency […]

Does Facebook “Libra” Illustrate The Dark Side Of Big Data?

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Big data has had wonderful implications for our lives. However, there is a dark side. Big data raises very valid privacy concerns. Tech Republic wrote about this in their 2017 post Big Data Privacy is a Bigger Issue than You Think. Concerns about big data privacy are highlighted by a new project Facebook is working […]

An Analysis of Facebook's Cryptocurrency Libra and What it Means for Our World

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After months of speculation, Facebook has revealed its Libra blockchain and the Libra coin to the world. The highly-anticipated cryptocurrency ran into immediate opposition in Europe and the United States. The French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said it was “out of question” that Libra would “become a sovereign currency”. Meanwhile, Markus Ferber, a German […]

How dApps Can Benefit The Transport Industry

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Every industry can benefit from saving time and money. Competition is high in all sectors that streamlining of operations can only bring profits. Among the areas, transportation is probably one sector that needs a lot of modernization. It is a sector that still depends a lot on paper documents and time-consuming procedures. Another problem that […]