The Top Advantages Of Blockchain For Businesses

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Many people associate blockchain with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Yes, it is true that it was the success of Bitcoin that gave the world insight into the blockchain technology. But Bitcoin is just one example of blockchain application. Many other sectors can immensely benefit from the blockchain technology. Businesses, in particular, could take advantage of this […]

Can the Blockchain Make AI-based Systems Free of Monopolization?

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The potential of blockchain technology is thought by many to be huge – the technology could not only affect the economy, but also medicine, scientific research, government, education, and several other fields. The same is thought about artificial intelligence. If both technologies have so much potential, what could happen if the two are combined? According to some […]

Blockchain And The Future Of Electronic Medical Records

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Blockchain is the Biggest Breakthrough in Healthcare in 50 Years Blockchain technology is typically associated with cryptocurrencies, but it can also be applied to new industries – one of which is the medical field. The technology is being explored as a way to create a shared network of healthcare data, and could hold a key […]

7 Ways Blockchain Is Disrupting Every Industry On Earth

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In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto, the alias of the person who created Bitcoin, announced the launch of the world’s first digital currency. Nakamoto believed that the invention would have a strong impact on the future of the financial industry. However, the biggest impact isn’t being caused by bitcoin. The change is driven by blockchain, the secure […]

Will Finance Finally Come Around To Blockchain In 2019?

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The finance industry shouldn’t just be excited about blockchain, it should be fervently employing this technology each day. After all, any industry that relies on the integrity of big data must be ecstatic about a technology that, by virtue of structure, ensures data integrity. Trust is hard to come by in finance. Blockchain eliminates the […]

Seven Use Cases of Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

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With the development of distributed ledger technology now ten years in the making, slowly enterprises are exploring the possibilities of blockchain as well. While most of the blockchain startups working on innovative solutions focus on public and/or permissionless blockchains, enterprises will predominantly use private and/or permissioned blockchains. The most important difference between a public and […]

How New Database Innovations Multiply Blockchain Use

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By now, the entire world has heard about blockchain and the wonders of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). According to Business Wire, the value of the blockchain market is likely to get to as much as $US 8.68 billion by 2024. From what we understand about blockchain technology and the recent slump in the cryptocurrency markets […]