These Bitcoin Platforms Are Using Big Data To Redefine Cryptotrading

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Big data is having a huge effect on the future of cryptocurrency markets around the world. A growing number of companies are leveraging big data to streamline cryptotrading and improve security and customer satisfaction. Big Data Made Simple wrote a very helpful post about the benefits of using big data to facilitate the cryptocurrency trading […]

7 Ways Blockchain Is Disrupting Every Industry On Earth

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In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto, the alias of the person who created Bitcoin, announced the launch of the world’s first digital currency. Nakamoto believed that the invention would have a strong impact on the future of the financial industry. However, the biggest impact isn’t being caused by bitcoin. The change is driven by blockchain, the secure […]

Will Finance Finally Come Around To Blockchain In 2019?

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The finance industry shouldn’t just be excited about blockchain, it should be fervently employing this technology each day. After all, any industry that relies on the integrity of big data must be ecstatic about a technology that, by virtue of structure, ensures data integrity. Trust is hard to come by in finance. Blockchain eliminates the […]

A New Age Responsible Cryptocurrency

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Deep learning and predictive analytics are playing a huge role in the evolution of cryptocurrency. Data is being used to understand user behavior to identity the risks of fraud, predict future transaction volume, and make sure that user needs are aligned with the networks. As cryptocurrencies are more widely used, the challenges crypto platforms face […]

6 Rising Cryptocurrencies Worth Keeping An Eye On

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It wouldn’t be wrong to say cryptocurrencies have created the greatest wave since the dot com era came into being. In 2017, a single bitcoin was valued at a whopping $19,000, and it has continued to mostly rise since then. This certainly puts it at top of mind when discussing cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has become a […]