Be On The Look Out For These Top Data Collection Procedures For 2019

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As we head into 2019, we are finding that data mining is becoming more important than ever. You need to understand the different data collection strategies available. You are going to want to use them to their fullest potential. What is Data Collection and How Can it Help Your Brand? So, what is data collection […]

Here Are The Top 5 Big Data Stocks To Watch For in 2019

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Big data means big money. Companies that compile and sell their data are revealing customer buying habits, frequency of purchase, age, location, tendencies, media habits, and more. With this information comes the ability for a company to target their online stock trading options to higher probability buyers, to tailor the layout of grocery stores based […]

These 5 Buzzworthy Big Data Trends Are Huge In 2018

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According to a recent marketing report by Forrester Research, artificial intelligence (AI) is moving beyond the buzzword stage as organizational leaders start to realize the amount of work required to make significant use of the technology. The study notes notes that implementing AI to meet objectives requires precise deployment, planning, and governance. Despite this, the report […]

Big Data and Facial Recognition Tools Revolutionize Consumer Research

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A couple of years ago, this article highlighted the complicated changes created by facial recognition technology.   This new technology has raised a number of questions about personal privacy, but it has also opened a number of new doors. A lot of the potential applications of facial recognition software haven’t received much discussion yet. I have […]