10 Effective Big Data Strategies For Marketing Online

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Big data has changed the nature of business in ways marketers of the 1980s would never have understood. Big data is especially important online. What and the 10 most useful strategies for using big data to market your business online? That’s a question every businessperson ought to ask himself or herself. If you do your […]

Big Data Helps You Use LinkedIn Sponsored Content Competitively

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The team at Smart Data Collective has spoken to numerous marketing experts about the role of big data in their profession. It is one of the fields that depends on data more than any other. However, many experts focus so heavily on the big picture that other specific elements don’t get as much discussion. We […]

The Role Of Big Data Marketing In End-To-End App Development

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Mobile app development has become a very popular profession over the past few years. However, the success rate of most mobile apps when it comes to end-to-end app development is abysmally low. According to research from Gartner, only about 0.01% of all mobile apps end up being financially lucrative ventures. This figure is even lower […]

Big Data Is Making Its Mark On Trade Show Marketing

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Trade shows and other events have been central to many brands’ marketing strategies for centuries. Attending a Renaissance fair can give you an idea of the types of event marketing strategies that existed all the way back to the 10th century. Contrary to many of claims made by skeptics, trade shows and other exhibitions are […]

4 Ways Your Marketing Team Can Harness Big Data to 10X Productivity

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Increasing workforce productivity is a chief concern of almost every company, and especially in the marketing field, where workers face growing workloads, workers need a way to get everything done. Unfortunately, productivity growth has stalled in recent years. According to BLS data, productivity actually declined in 2016 for some unknown reason. Even productivity among marketers […]