Data Storage in Space? It’s Already in the Works

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To the casual onlooker, the quandary of data storage seems like a non-issue. This is just code, just numbers, and someone is always inventing a new solution for how to use these numbers to get things done. But to anyone who takes a microscope to it, the issue of data storage is paramount and complex. […]

Why Artificial Intelligence Cannot Survive Without Big Data

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It may come as no surprise that the internet has been swelling up with an increasing amount of data, so much so that it’s become difficult to keep track of. If in 2005 we were barely dealing with 0.1 zettabytes of data, this number is now just above 20 zettabytes and it is even estimated […]

How Big Data and Hadoop Training Programs Can Make a Big Difference

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Big Data generally describes large volumes of data. However, it is not the volume of the data that actually matters but the analytics that can be performed on that data to make better decisions and other business moves. Hadoop is another technology that has been developed for better handling and processing of big data. The […]

5 Ways Dark Data Is Changing Data Analytics

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Dark data is the material a company collects, stores and processes during its daily operations, but typically does not use for purposes that could be beneficial. There are numerous ways dark data is impacting the ways entities analyze and use data. 1. It’s Helping Historical Data Further Current Scientific Research Data collected as part of […]

In the Digital Age, Tangible Data Still Matters

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For companies incorporated before the digital age, one of the biggest challenges is digital disruption and successfully managing a complete digital transformation. The contemporary customer is more connected than ever, with their digital devices acting as virtual assistants. It’s all about access with sites such as Airbnb, Spotify, Postmates, Lyft, and more. In addition, a […]

How Big Data Sector Changed the Banking Sector

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Unlike the early days when everything was done manually, these days the evolution of technology has changed how different sectors perform. One of those industries that have been impacted by the growth in technology is the banking industry. During the early days, the sector handled communication manually which greatly limited the sector. It was difficult […]

How Real-Time & Location Data Are Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

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Modern location data and location-based tools can be used for a variety of things in today’s world. They can help us navigate new areas or places, complete with step-by-step directions. They can help us find our way around a venue or large event center through digital mapping. They can even provide more advanced details like […]

Three Ways Big Data Is Revamping Manufacturing Processes

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From eCommerce and healthcare to fintech and sports, the modern world is all about big data. And the official stats echo this idea: By 2020, the global big data market is estimated to exceed the $57 billion mark. The manufacturing industry with its competitive challenges and quest for high productivity is also ready to join […]