Big Data Makes Multilingual Responsive Design A Reality

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Every website needs to provide a great user experience for its visitors. This is a principle that has been true since the earliest days of the Internet. However, it is becoming even more important, especially as user expectations are increasing and Google has started heavily relying on engagement statistics from analytics data as part of […]

Data Skills Required for Today's Financial Jobs

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There was a time when successful people in the finance industry primarily needed strong math skills and well-developed business sense. However, financial jobs have evolved, and many roles are now data-centric. Automation Will Become Progressively Important One of the significant advantages of automation is it allows people to speed up their workflows and use tools […]

How Big Data is Predicting the Spread of STDs and Helping Treat Those With Them

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Sexually transmitted diseases are reaching record high numbers in the United States, with 50.5 million men and 59.5 million women having STDs. Even with the rise of easily accessible education and means to prevent and treat STDs, they are still spreading. A major factor contributing to STDs spreading is people being unaware they have contracted […]

4 Things Every Aspiring Data Scientist Should Know

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Data science is an amazing, fast-moving career field to become involved in. There’s no dearth of demand for capable, analytically-minded individuals. Organizations of all sizes are looking for talented data scientists, and the role offers real value across an extensive range of industries and applications. Here’s an overview of some of the essential skills that […]

The Modern 21st Century Lawyer

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Practitioners of law — be it through law firms, legal departments or individual lawyers — have always been dependent on data. Of course, it’s only recently that a majority of that data is digital, through what we refer to as big data. As you may know, big data is powered by cloud computing, AI and […]