4 Key Ways Cannabis Marketers Can Use Big Data

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We have discussed the benefits of big data in digital marketing in considerable detail over the past five years. However, we haven’t covered the benefits of big data in unique fields such as cannabis marketing. According to CannabisBigData.co, big data is becoming a more important part of cannabis marketing. They point out that it is […]

Is Big Data For Sleep Disorders A Boon Or A Bane?

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Sleep is a very necessary part of our lives. Sleep is also becoming more elusive than ever. An estimated 70 million people suffer from chronic sleep disorders. Many experts attribute the rising rates of insomnia to our addiction to technology. According to some healthcare providers, digital technology has become the underlying cause of insomnia and […]

Data Mining and Business Intelligence: What's New for 2019?

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Our digital universe is growing at an exponential rate. With the turn of the new year, 2019 promises some exciting advancements and improvements to many technological fields. Data mining and business intelligence (BI), both of which are extremely valuable to businesses, represent key areas of growth. Even though these terms are used interchangeably, data mining […]

Your Guide To Current Trends And Challenges In Data Mining

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The state of data mining is eager to improve as we slowly step into the new year. Organizations of all shapes and sizes belonging to both the public and the governmental sector are focusing on digging deeper into organized data to help perfect future investments as well as the customer experience being served. Data mining […]

Learn Data Science Without a Degree

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Many of our students come to Springboard’s Data Science Career Track because they want to learn data science, or they are looking to make a career transition and want a guaranteed job in data science. Learning data science isn’t easy, but there are tons of resources out there to help you get started. But how […]

How Big Data Can Help Create Demo Videos That Make Their Mark

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Big data has been very useful in marketing. Brands spend $57 billion a year on big data solutions. There are countless ways to use big data in marketing. One approach that few people are aware of is the benefit of using it for video marketing. A couple years ago, we talked about the ways big […]

How The US Online Gaming Industry Is Turning To Big Data To Survive

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The United States online gaming industry is nearly six years old. Former Nevada governor Brian Sandoval passed the first online gaming bill in February 2013. Many experts hoped that the market would grow faster and help rejuvenate the ailing casino industry. Unfortunately, online gaming sites are struggling to gain traction in states that have liberalized […]

The Essential New Role Of Big Data In Software License Management

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Big data is transforming every organization on the planet. However, companies that manage software licenses to address their needs are most affected by advances in big data. Why Big Data Gives an Edge to Companies Managing Software Licenses How many software licenses does your organization have? What value do they bring? Big data algorithms will […]