Big Data Makes Black Hat Hackers More Terrifying Than Ever

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Big data is the lynchpin of new advances in cybersecurity. Unfortunately, predictive analytics and machine learning technology is a double-edged sword for cybersecurity. Hackers are also exploiting this technology, which means that there is a virtual arms race between cybersecurity companies and black hat cybercriminals. Datanami has talked about the ways that hackers use big […]

How Data Analytics Tools Eliminate Business Owner Headaches

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Big data has the power to transform any small business. However, many small businesses don’t know how to utilize it. One study found that 77% of small businesses don’t even have a big data strategy. If your company lacks a big data strategy, then you need to start developing one today. The best thing that […]

Workers’ Compensation Platform Uses Big Data For Better Outcomes

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We have talked extensively about the fields that rely most heavily on big data. The insurance industry is one of the companies investing the most in big data technology. Exactly one year ago today, SNS Telecom & IT published a report highlighting the demand for big data in the insurance industry. The report showed that […]

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are Helping to Make Smart Cities

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A smart city uses big data and artificial intelligence to build an infrastructure that enhances the living conditions of people. It is all about using advanced technology creatively so that the residents can live in the best possible conditions.  Decreased maintenance costs, optimized processes and delivering enhanced services form the core part of smart cities. […]

Big Data Leads To Breakthroughs In Digital Blackjack Gaming Products

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Big data is changing the casino industry in countless ways. CIO has said that the big data has played a key role in increasing the market size of the $40.6 billion online gaming industry. One of the ways that big data has changed the online gaming industry is through better security. AIP Publishing has shown […]

Big Data Joins The Fight Against Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Big data is being used more frequently in healthcare facilities all over the world. One report shows that the global market for big data in healthcare is expected to reach $68.75 billion in 2025. However, this figure misses some important nuances, such as which areas of medicine are using big data the most. Some medical […]

4 Data Goldmines Your Company Should Not Ignore

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In an earlier age, perhaps as little as a decade ago, businesses had to rely on intuition and educated guesses to guide their spending. The situation was famously captured by John Wanamaker, who said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Today, data is everywhere. […]

Big Data Proliferates The Online Gaming Industry In A Surprising Way

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The data analytics industry has its eyes on the digital gaming industry. The market is huge. STATS, a leading innovator in big data solutions, has recently partnered with a number of digital gaming sites to offer cutting-edge solutions. Big Data is Changing the Online Gaming Industry in Numerous Ways Jordan Bailey recently wrote an insightful […]

How Companies Take Advantage Of Life Changes

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Big data is everywhere. Each time you swipe a grocery store card, make a purchase online or buy from a big-box store, your shopping habits are being stored somewhere. What many consumers don’t realize is that companies are using this information to take advantage of their major life changes, including divorce. While divorce rates are […]

Saint Lucia Investors Turn To Big Data For Massive ROIs

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Big data is being used by countless investors all over the world. You are going to need to understand the role that predictive analytics and other big data technology plays in investing. This is especially true with investing in emerging markets. Global Investors Use Big Data to Invest in Saint Lucia Saint Lucia is a […]