Leveraging Big Data With State-Of-The-Art Business Dashboards

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There are a lot of ways that organizations can leverage big data. Most of them don’t have difficulty collecting the data they need to make more informed decisions. However, they often struggle to conceptualize the data and present it in a format that supports their conclusions. This is one of the areas where a business […]

Faster Innovation and Development with a Full-Stack AI Strategy

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The future is here and companies that have incorporated the latest innovations led by AI in their business processes are reaping the rewards.  A full-stack AI strategy is the way forward and is being adopted by numerous organizations with their eyes on the future. Organizations that have currently implemented the full-stack approach within their business […]

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Carves Competitive Edge For SMEs

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Big data is playing a vital role in the evolution of small business. A compilation of research from the G2 Learning Hub Shows the number of businesses relying on big data is rising. They cited one study showing that 40% of businesses need to use unstructured data on a nearly daily basis. One of the […]

How Data-Driven Marketing Helps Improve Conversion Rates

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According to a recent Adobe report, marketers have identified data-driven marketing as the most important business opportunity for 2019. That clearly indicates the importance that marketers give to data and why you should too. After all, data-driven marketing can help you achieve numerous benefits for your business, ultimately leading to an increase in conversions. If […]

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Higher Education: Promising or Perilous?

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What exactly is artificial intelligence (AI) and what business does it have in higher education? Simply put, AI is an attempt to emulate human knowledge by programming extensive rules into computers. Through machine learning and expert systems, machines can produce patterns within mass flows of data and pinpoint correlations that couldn’t possibly be immediately intuitive […]

Using Predictive Analytics to Ensure Safety in the Manufacturing Environment

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Although the manufacturing process continues to improve, there is still concern among plant owners about quality control, peak production, and ensuring that factories are functioning at the best possible efficiency. However, if not properly managed, the pressure of maintaining fast-paced production while optimizing costs can easily lead to safety problems. All it takes is a […]