Using Machine Learning & AI to Transition Traditional Insurance to Insurtech

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The insurance industry barely featured in the first cycle of Fintech-led disruption that swept the banking and capital market segments. But just as the broader Fintech market shows signs of maturity, Insurtech is emerging as the next potential candidate for large-scale disruption. In fact, some observers believe that the insurance industry may be positioned to […]

How to Build the Organisation of Tomorrow?

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A question that I get asked a lot is how should organisations navigate today’s digital transformation? An interesting question that encompasses different layers. It depends on who asks the question, the company involved, the industry the company is in, the size of the company, etc. Since the arrival of information technologies, digital transformation has been […]

The How and Why of ID Unification

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Identifier (ID) Unification is one of the key data fusion problems to be solved when integrating data from multiple data sources. In the context of enterprises, building a 360 degree view of your customers is a key need. Data from internal sources (first party), external data brokers (third party), various kinds of partners (second party) […]

Why AI Is The Perfect Recruiting Tool, Even For Small Businesses

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Picture this: it’s been 12 years since you started your own business and you realize you’ve been doing it wrong. That’s what happened to Juliet Aurora. In a candid article for Intuit’s Firm of the Future, Aurora explains that “You have not created a business unless the business can run without you – you’ve only […]

3 Ways AI In The Business World Can Lead To Industry Improvement

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Dartmouth held the first artificial intelligence (AI) conference in 1956. The idea of artificial intelligence gained popularity, and people believed machines would replace human beings in the workplace someday. However, at that time the idea lacked funding at its conceptual stage and could not develop, launching a period known as an AI winter. The situation […]

How Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit a Business Internally

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Considering AI implementation? Figuring out how to best leverage it for competitive advantage? Companies are asking themselves these questions and many more. Business facing, AI can empower the workforce and create new opportunities for brand impact Customer facing, AI can optimize existing, or nurture the discovery of new, revenue streams It goes without saying that […]

Is AI Automated Coding the Next Era of Programming?

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Automation is complex topic that has received a lot more focus in recent years. Many experts have been predicting that many unskilled jobs could soon be replaced by automatons. However, the impact could be much further reaching than that. Newer reports suggest that AI algorithms could soon start replicating computer code, which will possibly put […]

Trends Shaping The Digital Landscape

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If you look at the way the Internet of Things is evolving thanks to the ever-evolving connected devices and sensors, you will realize we know a little of the real potential of IOT. On the outset, we still just see a cacophony of connected gadgets and mobile devices holding interfaces to maneuver these gadgets. But […]