5 Ways Technology And AI Are Changing The Gaming Industry

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Technology is changing all of the time, and so are the ways that we continue to live and do things in our lives. One area that is continually being changed by advancements in tech is gaming. Technology and AI are changing the gaming industry drastically, and often for the better. Not just for players, but […]

Interpersonal Skills In The Age Of AI Are More Vital Than Ever

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We have published many posts here at Smart Data Collective over the past decade. Many of our posts are meant to highlight the extraordinary impact that big data is having on our world. However, some of my posts need to help people become more realistic understanding of the big data landscape. This is especially true […]

5 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence is the Driving Force for Web Development

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Web development is an ever-evolving field with users always looking for personalized content and rich experiences. If we talk in a nutshell, they want smart web applications carrying hyper-customized user experiences. It becomes challenging for web development companies as the traditional approaches do not suffice the increasing demands of users. Hence, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and […]

Machine Learning Minimizes Fraud Risks of Online Payments

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Online payment providers have been servicing customers all over the world since CyberCash opened its virtual doors in 1995. Unfortunately, the growing number of companies relying on online payment providers has created an epidemic of fraud. According to one recent report, the rate of fraud has increased 45%, to nearly $60 billion in recent years. […]

What To Know About The Impact Of Data Quality And Quantity In AI

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Believe it or not, there is such a thing as “good data”and “bad data” — especially when it comes to AI. To be more specific, just having data available isn’t enough: There’s a distinction worth making between “useful” and “not-so-useful” data. Sometimes data must be discarded on sight because of how or where it got […]

How to Make Your Business Smarter with IBM Watson Studio

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A smart business is one that runs on the numbers. Today, open communication means more access to customers and competition than ever. Even small companies have world-wide customer lists, in part due to the increasingly streamlined logistics companies that help with shipping. In a business world of static customers and increasing competition, staying ahead of […]

Top 4 Artificial Intelligence Applications in Financial Institutions

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Artificial intelligence has become very important in financial institutions and banking. Many of the applications and banking software are embracing AI extensively to compete in a very intense atmosphere. They are using various applications like virtual assistants, chatbots and AI debt collection assistants. It is believed that more than 85% of bank customer interactions will […]

Can the Blockchain Make AI-based Systems Free of Monopolization?

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The potential of blockchain technology is thought by many to be huge – the technology could not only affect the economy, but also medicine, scientific research, government, education, and several other fields. The same is thought about artificial intelligence. If both technologies have so much potential, what could happen if the two are combined? According to some […]