How Machine Learning Is Bridging the Gap Between Brands and their Customers?

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Ever since technology started blooming in the world, we’ve seen disruptions almost everywhere. Be it healthcare, education, food or business, you can easily spot technology manifest in various forms in different sectors. This process has accelerated even more with automation and machine learning taking over the world. Even though all we’ve learnt from sci-fi movies […]

Faster Innovation and Development with a Full-Stack AI Strategy

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The future is here and companies that have incorporated the latest innovations led by AI in their business processes are reaping the rewards.  A full-stack AI strategy is the way forward and is being adopted by numerous organizations with their eyes on the future. Organizations that have currently implemented the full-stack approach within their business […]

Is Artificial Intelligence a Serious Threat to Cybersecurity?

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In today’s technology-driven world we are becoming increasingly dependent on various technological tools to help us finish everyday tasks much faster or even do them for us, artificial intelligence being the most advanced one. While some welcome it open-handed, others are more wary, urging for increased protection. We cannot deny how much AI has infiltrated our […]

Will Google AI Ever Rule the World?

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Internet giant Google has recently been sharpening its focus on dominating AI. Not content with its almost monopolistic hold of internet searches, Google has a 90% market share. The company sees AI as a way of further increasing its influence. Already many of Google’s most popular applications, such as its voice assistant and search engine […]

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Higher Education: Promising or Perilous?

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What exactly is artificial intelligence (AI) and what business does it have in higher education? Simply put, AI is an attempt to emulate human knowledge by programming extensive rules into computers. Through machine learning and expert systems, machines can produce patterns within mass flows of data and pinpoint correlations that couldn’t possibly be immediately intuitive […]