Machine Learning Pioneers a New Generation of Technical Writing Solutions

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  My colleagues and I at Smart Data Collective have written extensively about the benefits of big data in fields like marketing, hospitality and cybersecurity.  We sometimes realize that we need to discuss the implications of big data for other fields as well.  Technical writing is one field that is highly affected by advances in […]

6 Hints for Enterprises Starting AI Adoption

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There is no doubt Artificial Intelligence has already transformed and will continue to change most of the industries:  Healthcare, oil & gas, banking, insurance, customer service, retail, government, education, automotive, aerospace, consumer products, telecommunications & media, sports, energy & utilities, hospitality, travel and transportation, among many others. Use cases based on artificial intelligence have already […]

Do The Benefits Outweigh The Risks?

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Video is one of the many technologies that is being shaped by new developments in artificial intelligence. Some of the changes artificial intelligence has brought are spooky, to say the least. However, the vast majority of the changes are going to have wonderful implications for video technologists and society as a whole. Overall, we are […]

Customers and Banks Priorities Collide as AI Jolts Financial Industry

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In a previous article I shared some of the challenges, benefits and trends of Big Data in the telecommunications industry. This time, I will focus on the financial services industry based on previous IBM studies in this industry and some personal experiences. An Industry Without Physical Products Big Data’s promise of value in the financial […]

Why the Government of Tomorrow is Also a Data Organisation

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Nowadays, every organisation is a data organisation. This not only applies to commercial organisations, but also to governments. Governments at every level – local, regional, national and supranational – should take a different approach to organise their activities. However, becoming a data organisation is not an easy feat. It requires governments to rethink all their […]

Big Data Leads To An Impressive Array Of Chatbots In Customer Service

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Big data is changing the direction of customer service. Machine learning tools have led to the development of chatbots. They rely on big data to better serve customers. Namee Jani wrote a fascinating article on chatbots and data analytics last year. She said they are the next big thing in business optimization in her article […]