When Augmented and Virtual Reality Hit the Theater

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Back in 1994, Julie Martin, a theater director from Australia, created a stage performance called Dancing in Cyberspace. The performance featured dancers and acrobats engaging with virtual objects of human size. Australia Council for the Arts supported the idea and its implementation, and this is how the first augmented-reality-powered theater performance saw the light. Today, […]

What is Augmented Reality in Smartphones?

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Technology moves at lightning speed, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. There’s one development that you can’t allowed to pass you by: Augmented reality. Augmented reality is a specific type of technology that can superimpose a computer-generated image on top of your view of the real world, creating a composite view of the world […]

How to Use Virtual Reality to Improve Your Business

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When virtual reality became affordable and client-friendly, it started growing popular. Nowadays, most businesses are keen on the opportunities formed by this technology. It is not a big shock because people can have the freedom to see things that only exist in the digital world. In the digital world, you can be able to understand […]

Modern Day Marketing: AI, VR and Voice Search

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and associated technologies are transforming marketing in 2018. Virtual reality (VR), voice search, and AI are increasingly important to marketing campaigns. While all are not ready for full implementation, there are aspects of each that businesses currently see a positive ROI. Voice search is ripe now. AI has already impacted the world […]

10M Developers Use JavaScript Worldwide, Making It The Most Popular Programming Language

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SlashData’s presented results from its Developer Economics survey Q4, 2017 in the new State of the Developer Nation report. The report highlights the most important trends for 2018, based on the data from 21,700 developers in 169 countries. For the first time, the State of the Developer Nation report presents the estimate for the number of […]