Top 8 Productivity Tracking Apps That Leverage Big Data

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Big data is playing a vital role in productivity optimization in virtually every industry. Countless new tools rely on big data to streamline productivity. Big Data Makes Productivity Technology a Thing of the Future Assuming you have a solid business model in place, your team’s productivity will correlate closely with your overall success. Productive teams […]

Experts Reveal Data Science Behind Five Popular Android Apps

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Big data is playing a massive role in the formation of new technologies. New developments in data science have contributed to the release of a number of popular Android apps on the market. To the average Android user, big data is an invisible factor. However, it is the foundation of almost every app on their […]

Which Apps Use The Most Data, And What To Do About It

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By now, most of us are aware of the basics when it comes to controlling data usage on our smartphones. We know that we should always use our WiFi networks when we’re at home instead of our mobile data connections because otherwise, we’re wasting money. We also know that whenever we’re in a trustworthy public […]

The Role Of Big Data Marketing In End-To-End App Development

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Mobile app development has become a very popular profession over the past few years. However, the success rate of most mobile apps when it comes to end-to-end app development is abysmally low. According to research from Gartner, only about 0.01% of all mobile apps end up being financially lucrative ventures. This figure is even lower […]