Predictive Analytics Causes Employment Boom in Content Marketing Profession

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Despite the lack of coverage, the topic has received the content marketing industry is being affected by predictive analytics in numerous ways. This is going to play an important role in shaping the industry. Here are some key reasons: Predictive analytics helps brands identify the types of content that will likely trend in the future. […]

This Is What’s Next For the Data-Driven eCommerce Charge

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Data scientists have a prominent place in today’s society. They’re a big part of every industry, and just about everyone who loves big data analytics wants their job. Sometimes, it can seem like what they do is magic. Of course, when you pull back the curtain, they’re just people—very smart people. Many data scientists have […]

Hadoop-Based Predictive Analytics Improves Extreme Weather Forecasting Models

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Few professions receive as much criticism as meteorologists. Over the years, people have complained that weathermen are notoriously unreliable. They have compared the accuracy of a weatherman’s forecast to someone throwing darts at a board. This has caused many people to wonder whether or not meteorologists are just incompetent or if the weather is just […]

Data-Driven eCommerce Case Study: Cohorts and Segmentation

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E-commerce is a rapidly evolving field. It is growing at a remarkable pace, largely due to the evolution of big data. Segmentation is one of the biggest advantages that it offers. At Metrilo, we analyzed, tens of thousands of ecommerce platforms from shopify to magento. I would like to share some insights of Merry Hiking […]

Is Big Data Causing Insurance Actuaries to Move Away from Using Credit Scores?

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Insurance companies have literally spent decades fine-tuning their actuarial models. In the 1990s, they began using credit scores to assess the risks of customers and set premiums accordingly. Laws permitting credit score use with insurance companies vary from state to state. However, around 95% of auto insurance companies use credit scores in their actuarial algorithms. […]

How Fintech Industry Using Web Data For Financial Intelligence

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The ease of data access has led to a paradigm shift in the way businesses operate. In the present state, apart from the traditional data, companies are increasingly using ‘alt-data’ — alternate data that can be accessed from unconventional sources like the web, customer support transcripts, sensors, satellite images and more. Jennifer Belissent, Principal Analyst […]

See Why Businesses Can’t Do Without Customer Data Collection

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There’s a big difference, however, between knowing that customer data is valuable and knowing how to go about collecting that data in a way that is efficient and effective. In this article, we’ll cover seven strategies for collecting customer data in ways that make them happy to provide it. Employ Analytic Tools on Your Website […]

How Big Data Can Help Improve the U.S. Airport System

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United States air transportation firms have earmarked $75.7 billion for the implementation of infrastructure upgrades through the year 2019. The Airports Council International North America (ACI-NA) report “Airport Capital Development Needs: 2015-2019” outlines the necessity for the upgrades that air transportation firms have designated funding for so far. The firms plan to use the funds […]

Driving Web Sales with Big Data and Personalization

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Website personalization and using big data to drive online sales specifically is on the mind of every marketing professional. We have moved from the era of not knowing how to use big data to having way too much data, and having to narrow it down to what we really need out of everything available. What […]

Analytics For Gmail Are Now Possible – For You, or Your Employees

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Have you ever wondered what your email productivity is really like? Or have you wondered how much time your employees are wasting on fielding poorly written emails, or sending messages that aren’t necessary? There’s a new analytics tool for Gmail—called EmailAnalytics—that gives you insights on all your team’s emailing habits. But for small businesses with […]