How Big Data For Project Management Is Changing The Industry

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My friend is a project manager for a website development company. The way she makes it sound, her job is like talking someone off a ledge. People get very emotional about their websites. She’s the one in the company with interpersonal skills, and she uses them to talk to clients about their sites. The developers […]

Using Big Data to Keep Retail Alive and Avoid Being Amazoned

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No matter what niche a brick and mortar store fills, it seems Amazon is willing to take a chunk out of it. It’s been difficult enough to compete in the world of non-perishable consumer goods sold via the internet, but Amazon’s recent buyout of Whole Foods has shown the lengths the mega-corporation is willing to […]

How To Use Big Data For SEO In 2018

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Big data has a vast influence on the way the world operates. It doesn’t only influence marketing, but also the way we conduct our daily activities. Big data is the collection and categorizing of massive amounts of data. This information is available to most people in an organized and easily identifiable form. This brought about […]

Get Started With Big Data For Small Business With This 4-Step Guide

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Over the past years, Big Data for small businesses has been democratized. Now more and more businesses understand what it is, but many still do not yet fully get how it works. Using large sets of data collected through various platforms and analyzing them conjointly helps to spot trends and patterns, and ultimately leads to more […]

Spectral Clustering Can Be A Game Changer—Here’s How

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In many fields of exploratory data analysis, you will hear the term Spectral Clustering mentioned. Its widespread use comes from the ability it has to adapt to many different types of data, as well as finding ways to group data that may otherwise seem unrelated. Unlike other types of data processing, Spectral Clustering tends to […]

4 Ways To Handle The Challenges Of DevOps Implementations

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When a large-scale and small-large business tries to introduce DevOps models in their organization for improving productivity and workflow, they can face lots of hurdles—but they can also find great success. The DevOps environment is a very complex environment, and it is very difficult to monitor and maintain. In recent times, most of the ITOps […]

Using Online Video, Customer Analytics and Big Data to Market Online

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The internet as a whole is full of more websites, images, video, and data than anyone could possibly consume. Even if you look at the number of videos uploaded to YouTube daily, it would take more than a lifetime just to consume one day’s worth. With all of this in mind, the internet is also […]

Can Predictive Analytics Methods Make Innovation More Successful?

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Innovation has been the backbone of economic progress since the dawn of civilization. A number of revolutionary technological achievements have improved our quality of life and driven economic growth for thousands of years. These days, predictive analytics methods are playing an important role in innovation. A lot of emphasis has been placed on the role […]

How to Eliminate Silos in Company-Wide Data Analytics

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“Silos” are something of a buzzword, but the concept they describe warrants your attention. Silos emerge when a cluster of individuals in your company (usually within a specific department) have trouble communicating with, or collaborating with another cluster of individuals in your company (usually within another department). In some ways, this is a natural result […]