Deep Learning Tools Could Compound Returns on Technical Analysis Trading

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  Artificial intelligence is upending the financial management industry in spectacular ways. The majority of machine learning and deep learning solutions have focused on fundamental analysis of securities. However, deep learning and other artificial intelligence technologies will also change the future of technical analysis as well. A number of experts have started analyzing the role […]

Big Data Brings Stunningly Accurate Weather Predictions To Windows

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Predictive analytics is changing the future of weather predictions. A growing number of meteorologists are using big data to make more reliable predictions. A 2017 study by Pennsylvania State University addressed the benefits of big data in weather analysis. Mohammad Mahdi Kamani, a doctoral student and professor James Wang said that big data has simplified […]

Big Data Analytics Is The 21st Century’s Biggest Disruptor In Healthcare

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The healthcare sector is heavily dependent on advances in big data. Healthcare organizations are using predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI to improve patient outcomes, yield more accurate diagnoses and find more cost-effective operating models. The field of big data is going to have massive implications for healthcare in the future. Here are some changes […]

6 Questions To Audit The State Of Your Company’s Analytics Infrastructure

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It’s no secret that everything businesses need to grow and accomplish their vision is theirs for the taking. But like anything that yields powerful results, the process doesn’t come easy. This describes the dilemma many organizations are facing when it comes to getting insights out of data. But before enterprises can shore up their analytics […]

How Data Analytics Tools Eliminate Business Owner Headaches

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Big data has the power to transform any small business. However, many small businesses don’t know how to utilize it. One study found that 77% of small businesses don’t even have a big data strategy. If your company lacks a big data strategy, then you need to start developing one today. The best thing that […]

How The NBA Data And Analytics Revolution Has Changed The Game

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In the early stages of basketball, there was very little use for data and analytics. Sports, in general, were largely anti-data science simply because it didn’t seem like it could apply to a game. Fast forward to the present day, and data science and data analytics are being used in virtually every single sport. The […]

Can Machine Learning Help Us Avoid Common Email Marketing Mistakes?

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Machine learning is being used more extensively in email marketing. A couple months ago, Nathan Sykes of Curatti wrote an article on the benefits of machine learning and other big data tools for email marketing. But how many solutions can machine learning really offer? That will depend largely on the way it is integrated into […]