Driverless Cars And The Quest For True Artificial Intelligence

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What is true artificial intelligence? Whatever it is, pundits  and insiders are quick to make light of the fact that what we have right now is not it. “To get to the point where we have true artificial general intelligence, we’re very far away. We’re not even close to it, and researchers in the AI […]

Why AI Is The Perfect Recruiting Tool, Even For Small Businesses

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Picture this: it’s been 12 years since you started your own business and you realize you’ve been doing it wrong. That’s what happened to Juliet Aurora. In a candid article for Intuit’s Firm of the Future, Aurora explains that “You have not created a business unless the business can run without you – you’ve only […]

Is AI Automated Coding the Next Era of Programming?

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Automation is complex topic that has received a lot more focus in recent years. Many experts have been predicting that many unskilled jobs could soon be replaced by automatons. However, the impact could be much further reaching than that. Newer reports suggest that AI algorithms could soon start replicating computer code, which will possibly put […]

Why Small Businesses Shouldn’t Think Twice Before Embracing AI

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If you are thinking AI is a big thing for small businesses, then think again. Sure enough, IT powerhouses like Amazon and USP are relying on AI robots to enhance employee experience. But then, the fact is, even start-ups are readily experimenting with AI technologies, big-time. For instance, there’s a pizza start-up in Mountain View, […]

How Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit The Finance Industry

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Artificial intelligence (AI) was once mostly associated with the video game industry, but financial institutions are starting to realize that this technology can do a lot for them. Perhaps the most common use of AI modules in the banking industry involves the calculation of interest rates and home values. Intelligent software can sort through historical […]

AI And Augmented Reality Merge For New Business Solutions

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Big data continues to shape the corporate universe in unexpected ways, especially when AI and augmented reality come into play. A few years ago, most experts believed that big data would only be used to handle a few functions: Using new data models to enhance marketing Improving supply-chain logistics by collecting data on various points […]

Examining The Positive And Negative Impacts Of AI On Education

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As investments into machine learning and AI continue to push the boundaries of what a machine is capable of, the possible applications for artificial intelligence are beginning to creep into sectors that were previously only possible in the realm of fiction. To some, the idea of a machine helping humans learn in a procedurally generated […]

Data Science Professional Certificate – Cognitive Class

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Today IBM and Coursera launched an online Data Science Professional Certificate to address the shortage of skills in data-related professions. This certificate is designed for those interested in a career in Data Science or AI, and equips people to become job-ready through hands-on, practical learning. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate In this post we look […]

What To Know About Using Artificial Intelligence For Big Data Analysis

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For the past many decades of hope and promise, 2018 may finally be the year when AI will gain meaningful traction and use within the Fortune 1000 companies. A survey conducted by New Vantage Partners represented around 97.2% of the executives who were willing to invest in launching and facilitating AI and Big Data initiatives. […]

How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Children And The Elderly

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Although most people don’t realize it, AI is already helping humanity to meet some growing challenges. It’s being used to help us care for the elderly and take care of our children, and that’s probably just the beginning. These days, there’s plenty of talk about how artificial intelligence (AI) is going to impact the business […]