Can AI Help With Personalized Medicine? Here’s What To Know

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A Chinese genetic scientist recently caused an ethical outcry by claiming to have created the world’s first gene-edited babies, using CRISPR to modify their DNA before birth to make them resistant to HIV. The procedure, which is effectively barred in most countries, highlights the far-reaching potential of gene editing and CRISPR as well as the […]

Things Worth Learning From 2018 Artificial Intelligence Projects

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Looking back at some of 2018’s most prominent and exciting AI projects forecasts promising advances in the coming years. With a wide range of startups and government projects boosting visibility and funding for various machine learning operations, there’s plenty to be excited about for both business and personal AI solutions. Of course, there’s also the […]

A Guide to AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Talks at Spark + AI 2019

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To a good degree, this back-of-the-envelope flowchart, by Karen Hao of MIT Technology Review, charts to elucidate what constitutes the use of AI in the grand scheme of things. source: While many conferences may not have a flowchart to select sessions to identify what’s AI, the sessions, though, do speak to technical aspects that […]

How AI Is Transforming Lending And Loan Management

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The old days of banking may be long gone in just a few years and this, thanks to all the recent technological developments that we are currently witnessing. You are no longer willing to enter a bank, discuss all the things that you need to discuss with a banker and hope that you get your […]

How To Refresh Your Gaming Lineup And Accept The Future Of AI Gaming

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It is all too easy to fall into the trap of only playing games in a certain genre or sinking hundreds of hours into just one game. While this can be an absolute blast, too much of a good thing can easily lead to fatigue, boredom, or exhaustion. Throw in the addition of AI-powered games, […]

5 Ways Technology And AI Are Changing The Gaming Industry

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Technology is changing all of the time, and so are the ways that we continue to live and do things in our lives. One area that is continually being changed by advancements in tech is gaming. Technology and AI are changing the gaming industry drastically, and often for the better. Not just for players, but […]

CIO Survey: Top 3 Challenges Adopting AI and How to Overcome Them

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  We recently hosted the webinar — CIO Survey: Enterprise Challenges to AI and How to Overcome Them — featuring Jen Garofalo, Research Director at IDG, the parent company to, and Pat McDonough, VP of Customer Success at Databricks. This webinar covered key findings from a recent survey of 200 executives on the […]

Interpersonal Skills In The Age Of AI Are More Vital Than Ever

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We have published many posts here at Smart Data Collective over the past decade. Many of our posts are meant to highlight the extraordinary impact that big data is having on our world. However, some of my posts need to help people become more realistic understanding of the big data landscape. This is especially true […]

Machine Learning Minimizes Fraud Risks of Online Payments

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Online payment providers have been servicing customers all over the world since CyberCash opened its virtual doors in 1995. Unfortunately, the growing number of companies relying on online payment providers has created an epidemic of fraud. According to one recent report, the rate of fraud has increased 45%, to nearly $60 billion in recent years. […]

What To Know About The Impact Of Data Quality And Quantity In AI

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Believe it or not, there is such a thing as “good data”and “bad data” — especially when it comes to AI. To be more specific, just having data available isn’t enough: There’s a distinction worth making between “useful” and “not-so-useful” data. Sometimes data must be discarded on sight because of how or where it got […]