Can Predictive Analytics Help Improve Your Instagram Strategy?

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I have wrote extensively on the benefits of using predictive analytics and other big data technologies in marketing. One of the topics I have barely touched on is the benefits of using predictive analytics in Instagram, and how it can help you improve your Instagram strategy. I felt like it was important to discuss it […]

Understanding The Role Of Big Data In Creating An Ad Network

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Ad networks have become far more dependent on big data than ever. A 2017 Entrepreneur article titled “How Big Data is Solving Big Advertiser Problems” attempted to address these challenges. Andrew Medal, the author of the article and the founder of Agent Beta, said that big data is vital to creating personalized campaigns and improving […]

This Scary Good Marketing Data Proves That Halloween Is A Winner

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Halloween is an excellent holiday that happens to be nestled right before, well, the official holiday season. It’s also tons of fun for everyone, a time when you can cater to whacky and spooky costumes, lots of candy and some truly wild decorations. But what makes Halloween really great is that marketers and businesses can […]

The Low-Down On Using Data Science And Statistics In Advertising

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The use of data science and statistics in advertising has grown substantially in recent years, especially as innovations in the field of big data analytics make it easier than ever before to collect and use data on a large scale. Despite the increasing digitization of the field of advertising, however, many professionals don’t know where […]