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Big Data Leads To Breakthroughs In Digital Blackjack Gaming Products

Big data is changing the casino industry in countless ways. CIO has said that the big data has played a key role in increasing the market size of the $40.6 billion online gaming industry.

One of the ways that big data has changed the online gaming industry is through better security. AIP Publishing has shown that big data is helping boost the security of data encryption in digital gaming.

However, there are other benefits too. One of the biggest benefits is the growing number of online gaming products that big data has created, such as with blackjack.

Big Data Leads to Major New Blackjack Products

Blackjack is both a game of skill and chance. It remains one of the most popular casino card games alongside poker and baccarat, but what many people who are unfamiliar with the game don’t know is just how many variations of Blackjack there are. The number of blackjack options is especially high online. Big data is one of the reasons why.

The number of pay by mobile casinos online has increased due to breaking advances in gaming software. We are now treated to as well as the fact that an online casino can offer far more varieties of a single game than a land-based casino.

Blackjack is one of those games that has stayed popular because the odds can be in your favor if you know what you are doing. Once you get the hang of it, the game can be very profitable. Since there is skill involved, unlike some games which are pure chance, players do not become bored.  Customers often use machine learning tools to improve their odds.

Beating the dealer is the aim of the game of blackjack, and that is always satisfying. In order to be in with a chance, you must get a card total of 21 or as close to it as possible without going over that magic number. Going over 21 is counted as a loss and you will be out of that particular round.

The classic game of blackjack can be played with up to 8 decks of cards – both you and the dealer will be dealt 2 cards each with one of the dealers’ cards being face down which is called the hold card.

In order to win your card total should be equal to 21 – over is a bust deal – and your card total should be higher than that of the dealer – 18 to their 17 – 20 to the 19 etc.

A natural blackjack and one that cannot be topped is a face value card and an ace which together total 21.

Progressive games of blackjack are similar to the classic game although there is also the chance that a player could win the jackpot which increases a more people play the linked game. In order to be in with a chance of winning he progressive jackpot a small, extra wager will have to be placed which goes into the progressive pool.

There are other game options when playing the game of blackjack. For example, ‘splitting’ can be applied when a player is dealt two identical cards allowing them to play 2 separate hands, and ‘insurance’ can be taken if the dealers first card happens to be an ace.

Taking out insurance means that a player will only lose half the bet if the dealer is lucky enough to get a blackjack hand. Another option called ‘doubling down’ allows you to double your bet based on the first 2 cards – ‘surrendering’ happens when a player decides to leave that round of cards before receiving more cards which allows them to walk away with half the bet they placed on that hand.

Perhaps one of the most exciting ways to play blackjack online is to join in a live game which simulates the ambience and excitement of a land-based casino, but without the player having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Played in real time, with a real-life dealer and from a physical venue either from your smartphone or PC there is a chance you might have to wait for a seat to become available, but these games are well worth the small inconvenience as once you begin to play and interact with the dealer and other players it soon become apparent just why live games are so popular.

Big Data is Leading to a Number of Wonderful Online Blackjack Offerings

There are a lot of benefits of big data in the digital casino industry. Big data is playing a big role in it. They are a number of reasons companies use big data to get a better understanding of their customers and offer higher quality products.

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