Big Data Proliferation and the Growth of Robotic Process Automation Certification

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The field of robotics predates big data by at least 40 years. Big data may not have given birth to the existence of big data, but it is changing the future in surprisingly innovative ways. Ayanna Howard, CTO, Zyrobotics, made a strong case recently that big data and cloud computing are the future of the […]

The State of the Labor Market

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Since the early days of the big data boom, there’s been a serious supply shortage of credentialed professionals to fill the many newly-created big data jobs around the globe. As with any new field of study, there simply weren’t enough educational programs dedicated to the subject to produce a sufficient volume of skilled job candidates. […]

5 Ways to Protect Your Enterprise from Malvertising

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Cybercriminals are a constant thorn in the side of every IT professional. That said, it’s hard not to admire the inventiveness and determination that goes into many hacking campaigns. The emergence of malvertising as a mainstream “industry” is a prime example. In 2017, a single group of hackers managed to spread malware-infected adverts to 62% […]

The Impact Of Big Data Analytics On Corporate Training

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An article published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that big data will play a decisive role in the labour markets by 2040. In reality, though, that has already started happening on a large scale. Big data tools are already mainstream in a lot of administrative tasks including recruitment, productivity management, corporate strategy and […]

How Blockchain and GDPR Could Work Together

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In an era where data privacy is an increasing concern, blockchain technology is moving toward a more transparent and more verifiable security model. Blockchain is a decentralised database where any data stored is read and write and not editable. As such, any data is immutable, verifiable and traceable. That puts blockchain in direct opposition to […]

Top quick wins to boost your data analysis using Python

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Python is a general-purpose programming language that is becoming an increasingly popular tool for data analysis. Its simplicity allows quick learning, so many data scientists choose Python for their professional needs. With the average national salary of Python developers being $92,000, more and more people are interested in learning this programming language. Moreover, the number […]

Big Data Is More Prevalent in Daily Life Than You Might Think

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According to Forbes magazine, “Two-and-a-half quintillion bytes of data are created daily.” Do you have the power to harness that data for your business? Marketing departments have replaced door-to-door surveys with online data and demographic collection, and every major business throughout the world uses some form of electronic customer relationship management. Big data is a part […]