The Telecom Industry Needs Big Data To Thrive In The 21st Century

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The telecommunications industry is a large, amorphous utility industry. By most people’s standards, the industry is very slow-changing and excessively bureacratic. There is a lot of truth to this stereotype, but that is gradually changing. The growing number of telecom companies using big data is one of the biggest reasons for the turnaround. The Telecom […]

The Promise of Blockchain for Nonprofits: Challenges and Hopes

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Individuals and companies all over the world are increasingly excited about the opportunities provided by blockchain technology. They appreciate how it offers transparency about transactions, finalizes them efficiently and is cheaper than other ways to handle money, such as transfers. People also discuss how blockchain could be promising for the nonprofit sector. However, along with its […]

An Introduction To Machine Learning Using Spark Language

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Machine learning is an upcoming field in the world of digital science, which allows you to create algorithms to make your device learn to operate on data and also to make predictions based on collected data. Machine learning course is possible through various languages like Python, Java, C++, R, etc. Apache Spark is considered to […]

A Guide to Apache Spark Use Cases, Streaming, and Research Talks at Spark + AI Summit Europe

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For much of Apache Spark’s history, its capacity to process data at scale and capability to unify disparate workloads has led Spark developers to tackle new use cases. Through innovation and extension of its ecosystem, developers combine data and AI to develop new applications. So it befits developers to come to this summit not just […]

Five Enterprise applications of Recurrent Neural Networks

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Although not a new concept, Artificial Intelligence has gained significant popularity lately. The term Artificial Intelligence was coined back in the 50s, and the research around it was mostly confined within the research institution. Some of the earliest industrial application of artificial intelligence was around optical character recognition, expert systems and industrial robots, which were […]