Google Uses Machine Learning To Combat Low Quality Link Spam

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Google is one of the companies that has made a name for itself by using big data. The company was founded on the PageRank algorithm, which collected data on all of the links that websites had received across the Internet and incorporated that into its ranking algorithm. Although the algorithm was a huge improvement over […]

Top Career Paths in Digital Marketing

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Choosing a career in digital marketing has many benefits for graduates. Not only are online marketing executives in high demand right now, but the trend isn’t about to slow down anytime soon. With the development of the IoT (Internet of Things) and other advancements that will require web-based skills, jobs within this area are only […]

Interpersonal Skills In The Age Of AI Are More Vital Than Ever

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We have published many posts here at Smart Data Collective over the past decade. Many of our posts are meant to highlight the extraordinary impact that big data is having on our world. However, some of my posts need to help people become more realistic understanding of the big data landscape. This is especially true […]

5 Tools That Use Big Data For Social Media Optimization

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Big data is changing the nature of digital marketing in ways we never envisioned 20 years ago. This is most evident with SEO, but is also true with social media, and using big data for social media. A number of social media optimization tools use big data to help marketers expand their reach. How Big […]