Basic components of Hadoop Architecture & Frameworks used for Data Science

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Every business now recognizes the power of Big Data Analytics in developing deep actionable insights to enjoy business advantages. However, unlike before when businesses were required to deal with gigabytes of data, the present scenario requires to store and process huge piles of data that is measured in petabytes and terabytes as it is produced […]

Matei Zaharia’s 5 predictions about big data and AI in 2018

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Over the past few years, the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities has surged with innovations in natural language processing, task automation, and predictions. From autonomous cars to a more personalized shopping experience, big data and artificial intelligence is at the forefront of new solutions that are delighting customers, improving business operations […]

Meltdown and Spectre: Exploits and Mitigation Strategies

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  In an earlier blog post, we analyzed the performance impact of Meltdown and Spectre on big data workloads in the cloud. In this blog post, we explain these exploits, their mitigation strategies and how they impact Databricks from a security and performance perspective. Meltdown Meltdown breaks a fundamental assumption in operating system security: an […]

Revolutionary Big Data Changes of 2017

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by BDW Editor on November 27, 2017 Guest post by Finnegan Pierson. Big data entails large volumes of data that are analyzed computationally to show trends and pattern. It comprises 3Vs; enormous volumes of data, the velocity of processing data, and the broad variety of data categories. Big data originates from scientific experiments or business sale […]

Big Data Creates a Big Impact on Marketing

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by BDW Editor on November 21, 2017 Guest post by Finnegan Pierson. Any business venture in existence won’t remain in existence unless it can generate sufficient revenue and profits. The two old standbys of marketing and sales support the generation of money into a company’s coffers. Attracting audiences to marketing strategies requires continually changing with the […]