How Big Data Analytics Is Changing Sports

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Everyone who’s been keeping an eye on the tech scene knows by now that big data analytics is reshaping how many businesses operate, but fewer people seem to realize the true scope of big data’s impact on our world. Sports and sports medicine, for instance, have been drastically altered by the recent emergence of big […]

Role of Big Data Extraction for INTL Contextual Marketing Campaigns

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  Contextual traffic is very popular for online marketing. Big data is playing an important role in helping contextual advertisers optimize their campaigns. Overview of contextual marketing Around the beginning of the century, digital advertisers utilized very narrowly defined marketing strategies. They predominately depended on banner advertisements and PPC campaigns with Google AdWords. Over time, […]

4 Ways to Nurture Employee Innovation from Within Your Organization

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Many business leaders tend to look outward to find sources of potential innovation. This is quite understandable since you do have to keep a watchful eye on the competition in today’s business environments. Smaller and more agile teams are attempting to disrupt various industries. They might just have that next killer concept. As such, established […]

The Powerful Role Of Big Data In The Healthcare Industry

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The healthcare system is not only one of the largest industries. It is also one of the most complex, with patients constantly demanding better care management. The industry is making rapid progress. Specialists seek more effective solutions and new technologies are frequently brought to the table. Big data in the healthcare industry, along with industry […]

Sharing R Notebooks using RMarkdown

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At Databricks, we are thrilled to announce the integration of RStudio with the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform. You can try it out now with this RMarkdown notebook (Rmd | HTML) or visit us at IntroductionDatabricks Unified Analytics Platform now supports RStudio Server (press release). Users often ask if they can move notebooks between RStudio and Databricks workspace using RMarkdown […]

How Data Gave Streaming Music A Competitive Edge

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When streaming services first launched, artists were skeptical; in fact, many were downright hostile because they were positive these new services would make it impossible to profit from their creative work. And for a while, they were right. Streaming services weren’t designed to support artists and contracts were far from favorable. But as more listeners […]

Using Big Data to Keep Retail Alive and Avoid Being Amazoned

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No matter what niche a brick and mortar store fills, it seems Amazon is willing to take a chunk out of it. It’s been difficult enough to compete in the world of non-perishable consumer goods sold via the internet, but Amazon’s recent buyout of Whole Foods has shown the lengths the mega-corporation is willing to […]