What Does The Rise of Blockchain Technology Mean For Big Data?

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In 2008, an unknown author going by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto proposed a peer-to-peer electronic cash system called Bitcoin. The following year, the cryptocurrency that would change how we think about money was launched, using the benefits of a decentralized platform that made digital trust possible: Blockchain. Fast forward ten years and it seems […]

How The Online Gaming Industry Uses Big Data Analytics To Grow

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Online casinos are fast becoming one of the most lucrative industries in the world. It seems that these venues are experiencing unstoppable growth, with more and more people getting into the games as the years go by. So how do they do it? They’ve adapted to the times. By utilizing big data analytics and smart […]

The Future of Data-Driven E-Commerce

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After looking at the e-commerce picture quite a bit, I’ve come to a conclusion: any attempts to simplify the situation should be treated as suspect. Yes it’s true that e-commerce is disrupting retail and is a real threat to brick-and-mortar. But it’s also true that plenty of people still want to go to stores. If […]

Accelerating Discovery with a Unified Analytics Platform for Genomics

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Today we are proud to introduce the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform for Genomics. With a unified platform for genomic data processing, tertiary analytics, and machine learning at massive scale, healthcare and life sciences organizations can accelerate the discovery of life changing treatments and further advancements in personalized and preventative care. The Genomic Data Explosion The […]

Manufacturing Advantage in Navigating HPC, AI, Cloud: Invest in Yourself

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How can our manufacturing sector improve competitiveness through smart use of computing technology? Unsurprisingly, a serious investment in our own understanding of options is a critical step. There are many ways to learn, and the experts would say we should avail ourselves of as many as possible. Competition is increasingly tech-savvy Modeling and simulation, using […]

After 25th May, What Medium And Long Term Actions?

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens and any non-compliance could cost them dearly. For those who are still unfamiliar with this, take a look at the infographic below. It shall give you a basic understanding of GDPR and its aspects. What is next […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Helps with Skin Cancer Screening

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This advertorial is sponsored by Intel®. “The long-term goal and true potential of AI is to replicate the complexity of human thinking at the macro level, and then surpass it to solve complex problems—problems both well-documented and currently unimaginable in nature.”1 Challenge Skin cancer has reached epidemic proportions in much of the world. A simple […]

Introducing MLflow: an Open Source Machine Learning Platform

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Everyone who has tried to do machine learning development knows that it is complex. Beyond the usual concerns in the software development, machine learning (ML) development comes with multiple new challenges. At Databricks, we work with hundreds of companies using ML, and we have repeatedly heard the same concerns: There are a myriad tools. Hundreds […]